Geronimo Cafe

Geronimo Cafe

We finally made it to the charming little town of Kemptville and Geronimo Cafe was the reason we were visiting. Ma Cherie has been doing some design work for them - statement wall ideas and menu board design, so we wanted to check the place out in person.

Geronimo Cafe - Entry Door Yellow Sign


Walking on a quiet street with somewhat dull colours all around, one cannot miss the bold, yellow door - quite a statement to capture the attention of the passersby 

Geronimo Cafe - Entry Sign Window Western


The space is truly a caméléon - a completely different vibe on a sunny October day, versus a foggy dark one. The changing nature is the accomplishment of the large window with a golden vinyl of the Geronimo wordmark, set in the adequate Westen font with Victorian style ornamentation popular back in the days in the American colonies. Either way, the warm feel and wooded over tones are inside to further enhance the mood.

Geronimo Cafe - Interior Chandelier


With crystal chandeliers, miss-matched, eclectic chairs and numerous vintage objects, we felt very welcome. Don’t forget to check yourself out in the mirror wall with crafted Victorian frames of all shapes and sizes!

Geronimo Cafe - Mirror Wall Victorian

Teri and Lee, the sweet couple owning this spot, are there daily, working tirelessly keeping this social communal hub alive. They are always there for a chat, making both city folk and visitors feel welcome.


Want to support the Kemptville community even more? They have a large display shelf with locally made items - confectioneries, soaps, etc.

Geronimo Cafe - Coffee Mocha

We were there for an early morning coffee and mocha, however it’s good to keep in mind that cold drinks, pastries, paninis, soups and other items are also made here. 


This place is truly inspiring - from the local area map shaded in chalk, to the changing local art lining the walls serving as a mini gallery. 

PS: make it a day trip and check out the large tract of Crown Land with a number of hiking trails through pine forests, marshland and beech stands.

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