Barcelona Tavern

Barcelona Tavern



Glass and steel with a large Black Bull on a neatly written sign upfront.

In the waning days of summer, we were still craving some sunshine so went straight to their patio guided by graphics continuing upstairs.



The wall decor was made up from many textures - graffiti art coming onto a wooden wall with mosaic tile overlapping in places. A small die-cast statuette of a bull was examining us from up high as well. We learned that Barcelona’s owners were from Calgary and that several Vancouver artists were commissioned to do the artwork around the restaurant, too bad no locals had a chance to contribute.


Chairs upstairs continued with the general eclectic theme with along with southern colours and worn out textures.


There was more art upstairs - what a great way to make large and boring walls immensely more exciting.


The massive glass roof was an engineering feature of its own. It was spanned across the whole area of the patio and was able to retract .



We were with friends and happily shared many appetizers. The ones that stood out the most were the Veal Bomba, the Fried Manchego and the Greek Pork Ribs.


The 3 veal “bombas” were stuffed with mozzarella and goat cheese surrounded by plenty of tomato sauce and topped with a perfect crispy basil.


For any Manchego lover, a unique Spanish sheep cheese, the Fried Manchego dish is a must. The slices came breaded, akin to a bit oddly shaped golden nuggets, but tasted beautifully and made the somewhat sharp Manchego taste more subtle.
The Ribs just melted in our mouths. The “Santorini spice mix”, provided ample hints of oregano, garlic, dill, marjoram, and even a tad of cinnamon and nutmeg. Topped with harissa aioli, even more complexity of spices come along giving our palate a shakeup.



We found out that all chefs are Spanish, which is great in keeping up the authenticity of the name - it went well with the bright and bold colours all around. Too bad, they couldn’t find local or Spanish artists for the interior.

p.s. the random Toronto elements in there felt out of place. We notice that this happens sometimes when the owners are attempting at a very broad appeal rather

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