The Restaurant at RedStone Winery

The Restaurant at RedStone Winery

This was our lunch spot as we embarked upon a self-guided biking wine tour in the Bench Area with a bunch of friends.

The Restaurant at RedStone - Sign


The large rusty sign was outlandishly visible from afar as a main draw point as we biked along the winding vine-route road. The sign had a oversized 3D shovel adding to a memorable visual identity and setting a not-so-adequate working-class theme. The main building’s architecture was further reinforcing the same

The Restaurant at RedStone - Interior


Although it was a beautiful day and we already made our plans to settle outside, a quick peek inside revealed a classy tasting area and an elongated restaurant interior space. The cylindrical booth shape with sharp edges give off to the modern vibe while the large indoor loft space was left clean and simple. We loved the look of barnwood wooden walls finished.

The Restaurant at RedStone - Barnwood

Furthermore, the two private meeting room areas were to die for - with a table made from a tree trunk cut in half and a beautiful view of the vines.

The Restaurant at RedStone - Private Rooms


There were many options for sitting on the patio, a trellis with outdoor furniture as well as numerous tables under shades of oversized umbrellas. The service here was quite relaxed and it took some time to get glasses of water and food - so prepare to be patient.

The Restaurant at RedStone - Patio

Their menus were textured and modern, well branded and with a section about their philosophy and history - our favorite part adding to the experience, because, let’s face it, staff does not usually slow down to enlighten you about the company’s history.

The Restaurant at RedStone - Menu


On that hot summer day, we decided to try a couple of their salads: the Strawberry Cucumber as well as the Asparagus Quinoa one. We also shared and Prosciutto Asparagus Pizza fresh from the wood oven - the breezy patio was perfect. Both salads were quite complex in the amount of ingredients, herbs and spices and we enjoyed both equally. The Strawberry Cucumber was light and fresh with notes of dill and a creme fraiche dressing. The portion was small, but full of flavour. The Asparagus Quinoa dish was a warm salad with some egg, arugula and even some breadcrumbs. The grilled asparagus added a much needed smokey flavour and slightly crispy texture.

The Restaurant at RedStone - Pizza and asparagus

The pizza was also a worthwhile dish with a beautiful fluffed up, yet thin dough. A bit thin on ingredients though. Unfortunately, at this point our perspective had tarnished after a much delayed service and lack of enthusiasm from the staff.

The Restaurant at RedStone - Cucumber Salad


Their wine list was mainly consisting of Tawse options, as this restaurant is owned by that winery. They were also a few RedStone varieties. The winery uses organic and biodynamic farming practices. Don’t forget to go to their parking lot and take a look at the fenced up sheep grazing the lawn.

The Restaurant at RedStone - Patio Entry Sign
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