A Tropical Treehouse Experience

A Tropical Treehouse Experience

Ferry to Nicoya

First off, if you are driving to Nicoya (from mainland Costa Rica) make sure you check out the ferry schedule because they are not as frequent as we thought, and they move quite slowly - takes about 70 minutes to get across plus the whole ordeal of getting onto the ship was an adventure of its own.

Dirt Roads in Costa Rica


We just missed the ferry from Puntarenas to Paquera so instead took the one to Playa Naranjo and drove on the Nicoya peninsula. The drive on those roads was atrocious, especially at night and stressful initially (pot-hole-filled, dirt roads and not much streetlights), but quite fun after we have had a chance to get acquainted.

Treehouse at Night


We arrived to the treehouse way past the sunset on our first evening. It was raining rainforest-style with thunder plus we saw a few big bugs circling the swinging lights all the way up at our future dwelling. We doubted our choice for a place to stay and quickly jumped under the mosquito net bed hoping for this tropical storm to end soon. Although it was only 9pm, the outside was pitch black and we had no desire to explore around that night.

Treehouse View


Our treehouse was located on a farm within a few hundred meters of the nearest neighbour (caretaker Juanito), but in the lush vegetation, this short distance was like being miles away.

In the treehouse itself, our direct wildlife encounters included a couple of bats hunting at dawn while we dined too, little red mites all over the kitchen area, as well as a few friendly geckos and plenty of ants of all sorts climbing up the trees (the favorite of ours were the hardworking leafcutters carrying large green chunks vertically - little troopers).

Treehouse Kitchen

Never minding the howler monkeys practicing their horrendous vocal skills in the middle of the night, and torrential rainfall banging on the metal roof nightly, we soon came to love this authentic treehouse with all its quirks. No doubt, this place made us submerge in local nature quite intensely.



A few of our favorite parts were - a toilet with full plumbing right outside the bedroom and under the roof, going to bed shortly after the 6pm’s sunset and picking veggies from the nearby orchard for a salad in the evenings.


Fortunately enough, we encountered a small boa snake living in our ceiling only on our last day, right when we were packing. It would have been a lot more stressful if we found him earlier in our stay. the property manager Juanito was extremely helpful and consistently in a cheeky good mood.



As for yoga, no morning lessons were available at the time of our stay. It would have been great to get de-stressed after hours on bumpy roads or daily surfing. We visited during off-season so it was somewhat to be expected.

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