Surfing Days in Costa Rica

Surfing Days in Costa Rica

We spent three days surfing with Kawe school down at Playa Hermosa. Taming the waves has been Ma Cherie's dream for quite some time now. 

We drove around for a bit, trying to catch the right vibe with the surf school owners. We decided to go directly to the actual instructors rather than buy through the tour operator organizers. Going from one school to the next, we wanted to know what beaches people go to, how long are the lessons and, of course, the rates.


Quite a few schools appeared deserted as it was not peak season - the best way to spot an active one was to look for a standing old surfboards as signs. We finally found Alonso Vaz and his Kawe school, a mere 10min walk from the ultimate place to learn - Playa Hermosa: sandy, with just a few rocks and plenty of space. By the way, there are four Playa Hermosas in Costa Rica and not all of them are good for surfing.


We spent 3 intensive days among the raising waves, changing currents; submerged in the salty warm water, with barely a soul around us - just the three of us and the raw power of nature. 

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We learned about tides, currents, types of waves, positioning and so much more.
Alonso was a patient, knowledgeable teacher and we couldn’t have asked for a better introduction to surfing. He sparked our interest for the sport like no one else. We hope to make it back here one day.


Alonso is building his own mini-hotel right above the school so there will be a fully submersive experience available sometime soon. He is right in downtown Hermosa Beach, which consists of just 3 businesses - a grocery store, 2 surf schools and a hotel.

Note that wet shoes were a must as we carried our boards for about 10 minutes through the tropical forest twice a day. Also, Alonso had a neighbor take some quality photos of us on the beach.


To wind down after the intense activity of battling the waves, we went to Selina co-working space about 5 minutes drive away. For $2/hr, we enjoyed the pool, fresh tea and coffee plus high-speed wifi to catch up on our lives back home. 
Note that Selina is just the right spot for you if you are looking for a little paradise in this dusty third world country. Selina is all around the country - a chain of hostel/hotels - very stylish and affordable. Some have cafes and restaurants and we hear some of the top parties are there in the evenings. Anyways, if you want a splash of luxury for a day, it’s a swell idea to hang out there.

A Tropical Treehouse Experience

A Tropical Treehouse Experience

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