Soda Tiquicia

Soda Tiquicia

After spending our day surfing at the beautiful Playa Hermosa by Santa Teresa, we enjoyed late lunch at this side-road spot in the windy shade.



This tucked in tico soda, referring to itself as a “restaurant” was is easy-to-miss with its’ silly sign of a beach photo and a cartoon illustration of a boy with a surfboard.



We found a surprisingly tall space with a second floor curved out like a boat’s deck. The seating was arranged with a bunch of BBQ benches all around with the whole setup being neatly tarp-ed away from the outside world (rather than walled out).



We ordered their Guacamole with Plantains as a starter and our main dishes were Casado con Bistek and Filet de Pescado con Vegetables y ensalada. We also noticed a great many smoothie options.

We had to share the meal with somewhat invasive ants coming through the gravel on the ground. It appeared that the rest of the folks at the patio experienced the same issue. 



With electronic lounge music blasting in the background, we dug into our promptly delivered plates. The large portions were somewhat surprising for the low prices. As a bonus, all the dishes were filling and fresh. To our amusement, we found the guacamole dish to be the most interesting. It was more about the proposed method of consuming it using freshly fried plantains to dip and zesty refreshing avocado to top it off.

Second floor was opened at noon, by the way. Less ants and even more base beats up there.

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