The Montezuma Experience

The Montezuma Experience

The tiny Soda Del Artisano (local restaurant) in the middle of Montezuma. No beer, but we just walked across the street to get a few cans for our traditional plates.


The fish was a bit too salty and small in portion, but chicken was plentiful. Characteristically yellow limes accompanied our Platos Tipicos.

Locals seem to eat here as well - good sign. The restaurant also appears to be well integrated with the city life. Somewhat affordable, especially considering the prime location. Nothing special really, but a cute spot overall.

Montezuma - Beer

Our Montezuma experience included a couple of neat restaurants as well as visiting plenty of local craftsmen for trinkets and handmade jewels. We also did a beach hike, with home-made ice cream. Oh and did we mention the crazy dirt roads?


A stroll along the main street has plenty of craftsmen (men) with their little portable displays of handmade jewels. We went through all of them asking about something made with Costa Rican stones, shells or cocos. Jasper is the main local rock, but many other ones were brought from India, Thailand - the artists mentioned that without a hesitation.


Too much of a street experience? We ended up coming up to an upstairs store through a staircase adorned with graffiti on every step. There was much more choice as well as the benefit of watching a talented owner crafting something right in front of you. All stores offered custom alterations for no extra charge, but a day’s wait.


We landed on the beautifully laced jewels. In addition, a squirrel pet just going about the shop running and jumping everywhere entertained us quite well. Coming from Canada, the land of squirrels, we had never gotten close or petted one, so this was truly a remarkable experience.

Montezuma Coast

The beach walk here was mainly rocky with some land portions in between the small sandy bays. We saw some people on horses which probably would have been a better choice rather than braving the route on foot. It was worth a short walk, but going further did not quite make it any better in terms of views. Also, lack of people or animals around felt a bit alienating.


Pizza? Yeah, not too Costa Rican of a dish, but we were sick of their typical meals (plain rice, beans, generic boiled veggies and chicken) after almost two weeks here and finally caved in.
With an oval and hand-written crafty sign hanging over the checkered red apron tables, we thought that a simple non-authentic meal was awaiting us. Jumping ahead - we were pleasantly surprised. We enjoyed the nice covered patio on a corner of the central street with locals passing by in ATVs on a quiet post-independence day Monday.

Montezuma - Beer - Micheladas

Our waitress, Eugenia, introduced us to their Micheladas made with both Pilsen and Imperial beer. It was a typical beer cocktail drink with limon mandarina juice (an orange flesh lime) in a chilled, salt rimmed glass. Beer came on the side for us to pour over - a refreshing way to enjoy their bland local varieties.
Watch out for their specials for a good deal on dishes and drinks. Our thin crust pizza came on a wooden plate and other wooden plates were served for sharing. A side of garlic sauce and hot sauce added flavors. We enjoyed our meal over a mix of reggae style music.


A sudden tropical torrent started hammering on the metal roof above us and brought back memories of our clothes hanging to dry back at the tree house. Also, the thought of the already horrible local roads becoming mud rivers made us briefly consider running to the car and driving off at that very instance.

Soda Tiquicia

Soda Tiquicia

El Patio Del Balmoral, San Jose

El Patio Del Balmoral, San Jose