Ok Ok Diner

Ok Ok Diner

Short and Sweet

A cute old fashioned diner with a definite vintage feel to it.

OkOkDiner - Facade

A simple patio with bold colored chairs and weeds showing through the slabs - a touch of a third-world vibe, reminding us of Eastern Europe.

OkOkDiner - Patio

We wondered if TTC subsidized this large mural hiding behind the hedging cedars. Either way it is an ideal selfie background and conceptual enough to let you ponder for a bit.

The place was both alcohol licensed and kid friendly at the same time.


Ok Ok has classic menu with a bit of a twist so we chose their experimental variation on a Benedict. The service was pleasant as well - attentive and prompt.

  • Switch of Roles - poached eggs served on a hash brown patty with plain bread on the side.

  • tarragon béarnaise sauce is just for the few with a more adventurous palette.

  • that horseradish taste for the Eggs Benny would have been nice to flavor.

OkOkDiner - Menue

The diner served very freshly squeezed juices which were ideal for for the summer heat.

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