Lake Sharbot Experience

Lake Sharbot Experience

There are quite a few Ontario getaways within a few hours of Toronto and we try to explore a new one every year. Greater Frontenac Area was a surprise trip for Mon Cheri this year.

The Crossing Restaurant


A quick detour from Hwy. 7 landed at an awesome Sharbot Lake Country Inn & The Crossing Pub for lunch after almost 3 hours on a road. Right by the entrance, there were a few folks on rugged ATVs waiting on a tour to start. Rustic style inside, with plenty of hearty dishes, turned into a perfect combination for the cold May day. The restaurant was mostly dim and surprisingly cozy.

Lakeview Inn Interior

We had their special Hot Beef on Ciabatta with a side of the Creamy Tomato daily soup. The beef came with sautéed onions and mushrooms and we used the tomato cream soup for dipping the slightly dry bread. This combination made for a surprisingly good meal. To top it off, we also got a chicken burger with onion rings on the side. The onion rings came with some much needed tartar sauce, while the sandwich was made of a slightly dry chicken breast - the pickles aided this dish greatly.

Lakeview Inn - The Crossings Meal


Perth is a lovely town with a picturesque downtown criss-crossed with many channels and bridges.

Perth Ontario Channel

Although it was a rainy and a bit chilly that day, we still got a feel of its romantic setting. Many historic stone buildings (quite a few were over 100 year old), stood here as a reminder of the Scottish past. To build on that European connection, there is a relatively large, well known, golf course right by the town.

Perth Ontario - Scottish Stewart Park

But for those of us who enjoy being in the nature, Perth's downtown Stewart Park is not to miss. There is an altar area, many picnic tables all around and plenty of lush green grass for sun tanning- it is a perfect escape from the big city.

Perth Ontario - Stewart Park

Furthermore, there is a glass-domed building, their Crystal Palace, by the main river which becomes a farmers market every Saturday May to September.

Perth Ontario - Glass Palace - Farmers Market

The river is further utilized by a short boardwalk, fountains and even a kayak/canoe rental to enjoy the ambiance. We were visiting in off season, so just enjoyed a stroll around this quaint place, imaging how magnificent it must be in the peak of the summer.

Perth Ontario - Cheese Mammoth - World Fair

Check out their local brewery, coffee beanery as well as a giant cheese rind commemorating 22,000 lb of Mammoth Cheese made for the Chicago World Fair. Furthermore, there are plenty of fashion and decor stores lining the downtown streets as well.

Perth Ontario - Cabin - Mississipi River


We were not into camping early in the season, but still wanted to enjoy some time close to the nature so Ma Chérie found us a cabin to stay right on the Mississippi River. Our modern cabin was made of eclectic barnwood all around. With a summer enclosed kitchen area, an interior living room loft and a tiny bed mezzanine - it was beautifully crafted. Plus having electricity and heat was quite convenient.

Perth Ontario - Cabin - Airbnb

There were 2 kayaks we did not hesitate to use and go up and down the river, reaching gorgeous rapids on our way.

Lake Sharbot - Hike - Provincial Park


We paid an entry fee to the Sharbot Lake Provincial Park and went on their popular Discovery Trail with plenty of scenic lookouts. The park office also provided us with a pamphlet noting areas to stop on the way and wildlife to look for.

Lake Sharbot - Hike - Provincial Park

It was a short hike with plenty of views to take in as we climbed the land which divided Black Lake from Sharbot Lake.

Lastly, on your drive there or back, don’t be shy to pull over on the side of the road and enjoy those serene marshes and Canadian shield rocks all around.

Lake Sharbot - Drive - Canadian Shield - marshes
The Restaurant at RedStone Winery

The Restaurant at RedStone Winery

The Good Son

The Good Son