Rooster Coffee House

Rooster Coffee House

We were always tempted to try out this small cafe on the banks of Riverdale East Park, but it took us all the way until early fall to actually do that. Summer would have been better, considering the wonderful patio with the view of Toronto skyline, albeit occasionally blocked by a passing Broadview streetcar.

Rooster Coffee House - Patio Broadview


The cafe is tucked in a bit and, sometimes, difficult to notice when there is no lively crowd out on the patio. There is also a fair amount of greenery by the tables, making the task of finding your morning fix just that much more complicated. An intricate metal sign, below a vintage light, simply stating “Coffee House” added a bit of charm to the black-and-white, striped awning and large window storefront. Throughout, a rooster graphic was the rather unimaginative logo visual.

Rooster Coffee House Interior


The interior was decisively more curious. White “subway” tiles reflected the myriad of light sources employed to keep the, otherwise, dim space well-lit. We noticed a somewhat contrasting brick wall at the far end, which not quite fit with the rest of the modern interior with rustic wood details. We also were surprised to see plenty of seating inside the space.

Rooster Coffee House - Illustrated Chalkboard
Rooster Coffee House Bags

We’d glanced over the trendy chalkboard, illustrated with a gremlin-looking creature, and made our move for food. The fare offered here was light, but the pastries were bountiful and not easy to choose from. We took two savoury and one sweet treat: an oats bran muffin, cheese croissant, and a blueberry-filled open danish. The food was just as expected - fresh and delightful. We did not quite enjoy the muffin as much, a bit on a drier side, but there were plenty more of yummy items to come back to.

Rooster Coffee House Breakfast Pastries


Come visit the cafe, even if you do not stay inside, but just grab your coffee and treats, and explore the area. This part of town has a wonderful vibe to it, - Rooster Coffee is neatly placed to enhance it.

Rooster Coffee House - Toronto View

PS: a bit of a conundrum was that in the summer months, there is an opportunity to enjoy the downtown view opening from Broadview, but Rooster Coffee is on the other side of the road, and lush greenery prevented us from seeing the skyline. When the leaves are gone, maybe one could see the city, but would you enjoy sitting on the patio as much? On the other hand, maybe the idea is to be close enough and yet not see the busy downtown…, and enjoy the occasional streetcar and strolling pedestrians. Or take your coffee and walk across Broadview to see probably the best view of downtown.

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