The Good Son

The Good Son

Although we would consider The Good Son an intimate and a cozy spot, we decided to come with a larger group of friends to celebrate a birthday.

The Good Son - Exterior Signage


When walking by the restaurant, the exterior with a large window door and red framing seemed disconnected from the bright white entrance. The little vestibule room appeared more like a variety store with many objects displayed in cans.

The Good Son - Entry Space
The Good Son Interior Wall


The atmosphere upon entering was decisively dark and night-like - a bit of a shock coming from the bright outdoors. The key here was in abundance of an eclectic decor - numerous portraits, mirrors, clock collections, and little objects all around . The lighting fixtures were a big hit for the two babies in our group, and the adults were sufficiently entertained as well.

The Good Son - Interior Vibe


We sat in a round booth with black tufted upholstery. The menu was relatively small with not-too-many breakfast items. Also, to our disappointment - no decaf options for the coffee drinks.

The Good Son - Bar Drinks


Their breakfast pizza had a beautiful, dark, fluffy crust right out of the pizza oven. There was an egg on top as well as mushrooms and peppers, but the pecorino cheese and prosciutto made the dish one wholesome breakfast.

The Good Son - Breakfast Pizza

Our second choice was the French Toast (not overly sweet). It came with a compote of strawberry, and some cooked pear, plus a serving of a whipped cream. There was no side of maple syrup and none was really needed - there were sweet sprinkles all over the toast - yum!

The Good Son - French Toast


Despite our initial reservations for choosing a spot like that to catch up, The Good Son turned out to be a perfect location. With a constant hum of noise, and stylish, open-room interior, it was an ideal place to see our friends, while avoiding any exposure to the outdoor weather.

P.S. We’d wondered whether the century-old portraits of babies and kids lining the walls were the prototypes of that “good son”

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