Rush Lane

Rush Lane

What caught our attention was the exterior urban brick wall art. Rush Lane utilizes one of the best ways to integrate into the neighbourhood and become a landmark – a custom storefront mural!

Rush Lane Exterior Mural Queen St West


To keep it all consistent from the outside, the cursive writing made from a fluorescent light was used to finish off their wordmark sign on the exterior wall. Furthermore, the art beautifully framed the entrance’s round brick architecture.

Upon entering the dark space, we were introduced to a multitude of rich hues of greys and browns, balanced off by light yellow statement objects. The mix of wooden objects with metallic industrial and modern elements gave an eclectic yet, clean look. It did not impress us as much as the outside mural. In terms of impact, it the gritty character that didn’t make its way into the space’s walls.

Rush Lane Interior Space - Yellow Shades


We took a seat by the window, near the retractable garage door – a perfect opening to the street for scarce, warmer days. Queen Street West was uncharacteristically quiet that evening. Rush Lane was blasting hip hop and electronic fusion songs through the night to compensate.

An odd aquarium with a light-blue light in the corner seemed out of place and sad (perhaps the fish were owner's pets). Maybe the tank was there to draw a parallel to the nautical-themed façade featuring an admiral?

Rush Lane Interior - Bold Yellows and Greys


We started off our double date here with drinks. Coming back from our Scotland trip, we were on a bit of an alcohol cleanse. That wasn’t a problem here - they made us creative mocktails to enjoy. We especially enjoyed the refreshing, off sweet Green Goddess. For snacking we ordered the Korean Popcorn Chicken and Edamame, which came in no time, while the chef's special - Duck Tacos took a little longer. Chicken was on a denser side, and spicy, even before swirling the bites in the side of kimchi aioli. There was an interesting texture to mention there, and all the goodness came in a bowl enough for one. Great value for a small starter snack. The Edamame was nothing to rave home about, its’ burts miso salt was the unique part that came in large chunks.

Lastly, the tacos got served with the duck on a bone, making a good introduction to something different from the conventional way of eating rice buns with hands and suffering an untidy experience.

The julienned cabbage, marinated onion, and plenty of sauce didn’t help making this a great first-date dish, but the flavours were worth the mess.

Apps and Cocktails at Rush Lane - Fried Chicken, Edamamame


The metal, cubic ottomans made a unique popping sound when fully sat on. These curious seating features were accented with yellow round pillows. Around it there also was a cushiony low-seat sofa that we’d occupied. Upon checkout, we visited their washroom facilities. Do stop by the aquarium space. Although it casts a cold blue light, creating a ghostly ambiance, fighting for attention, next to it is a unique corner niche furnished like a living room with some scotch memorabilia and many vintage vinyls.

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