Clear Flour Bread

Clear Flour Bread

A quiet, residential neighbourhood of Packards Corners is surprisingly not too giving, in terms of interesting breakfast options. Luckily, we found Clear Flour Bread - deeper into the residential streets, lined with the century-old mansions. Early in the morning, one can navigate straight to the bakery by smell too.

Clear Flour Bread - Storefront


The first good sign was a couple tables outside, facing the small, quiet 5-road intersection with giant trees. A tiny storefront next to a convenience store was easy to miss. With a cool blue sign and simple italicized serif font, it spoke of a conservative sophistication. Some typographic posters from the outside, such as “if you can’t stand the wheat, get out of the kitchen”, gave the company a bit of a mischievous edge.

Clear Flour Bakery - Posters

On the inside, there was not much space. Perhaps, it was the overwhelming local posters, ads, and awards on the walls that amplified the crammed and small-space feel. One of the many framed items on the walls, which we appreciated, was beautifully illustrated, children’s book-like posters with the name of the bakery on each. Not sure what was behind them, though. Best of Boston 2016 was proudly shown to clients.

Clear Flour Bread Wall Art Posters

Our favourite part of the visual inside was the display of their breads and pastries behind the counter on a standing shelf. Everything looked very appetizing, and some quite artistic and sculptural. We settled on a base-testing butter croissant, plus a savoury spinach, egg-and-cheese one, pain aux raisins, sweet scone, and pain de chocolat. Mon Cheri had to grab a coffee from the variety store next door, as this delicious spot did not offer drinks.

Clear Flour Bakery Pastries Display


Plain croissant took the cake here…, fresh and buttery, just enough flakiness, and slight moisture in the inner layers - something to look forward to in the morning. Our second favourite was the blueberry currant scone, topped with sugar crystals, it was the perfect level of sweetness. The pain aux raisins and pain de chocolat were great to complement the dark roast, basic coffee. A heavier, breakfast option was the savory croissant. It came as two rolls topped with basil and other spices, with a strong cheese aroma, some egg, and spinach, it felt like a bready omelet. We can’t say we were disappointed by any of the choices Clear Flour Bread had to offer. We were the only ones throughout the 20 minutes who enjoyed the cafe tables. Most locals just seemed to come in and out and head off to their houses.

Clear Flour Bread Food Pastries


Sit outside, if you have a chance. Listen to the hundred-year-old oaks and quietly passing Teslas and Priuses. Also, take a stroll toward the downtown area through these streets - many beautiful houses with unique bay windows integrated into all sides. This affluent pocket of the neighbourhood is close enough to Harvard and MIT with denser, student housing just across the street - a perfect mix of vibrancy and classiness.  

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