Boston Sail Loft

Boston Sail Loft

We wanted some authentic East-Coast fish and chips and, maybe, a lobster roll. So did hundreds of people on this Independence Day weekend in Boston. The first time we came to Boston Sail Loft, the wait time was around 2 hours. Not willing to take a risk again, we ended up in Tia's, around the corner (nothing notable to share about that place, by the way). We came back for our meal the day after for lunch.

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A small, circular, hanging sign with two white sailboats on the cedar siding-clad was easy to spot. Most of the area around it appeared much more modern. A long and narrow restaurant resembled a fisher’s tavern. There was not much paraphernalia to further link it to an ocean-faring theme, but rustic screamed from every detail here: both interior and exterior. The restaurant protrudes into the bay a bit, supported by stilts, so there is water all around. We got us a window seat, a small basket of bread and butter to get our appetite going: always a nice touch.  

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We noticed an abundance of dark, blue colors in the interior with navy armchairs, neatly contrasting with the warm wood tables and floor. Sailboat painting reproductions on the walls were a great addition, but we found hung TVs unnecessarily interrupting the flow. For patrons waiting to get seated, a great option was to grab a beer and go hang out on a patio by the water.

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Our Lobster Roll Salad did not have much in terms of greenery: just one lettuce leaf for decor. The lobster itself tasted fresh, soft, and chunky. The lightly-burned buns added a smokey taste. There was also a side of coleslaw with raisins and a much-needed lemon wedge.

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As far as the Fish and Chips went, the meal was alright, fairly-priced and not too oily. Maybe a decent choice for a bar grab, but did not quite do it for us for lunch. All dishes came with a generous side of potatoe fries.

BostonSailLoft FishSandwich copy.jpg


Boston Sail Loft is a hot spot at the waterfront. The location and authenticity alone probably make it worth a visit. The obligatory Lobster Salad is a must, if you are there, but we are not too certain on what else to suggest. Make sure you get a seat so you can see the water - it will go well with your ocean-inspired meal.

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