Bolan Thai

Bolan Thai

We felt like having some Thai food, however quite a few places were closed with the recent passing of the king.

Bolan Thai - Entry - Facade Sign


The simple, modern logo did not scream out Thai, which we rather appreciated while the warm brown storefront with a simple wordmark sign had a bold glowing yellow O to spike up some energy - setting the tone for a modern take on Thai food.

Bolan Thai - Brand Statement Thai


We were welcomed with an open door and a bold yellow wall with THAI spelled out from small blue bowls - a simple and charming infusion of character. This tiny space was stylishly finished with a shy sign to the side, with orange letters. Oddly enough, this signage had the restaurant name written in a font different from the outside one. We found this style mixing un-necessary and, if anything, diluting the brand image. There were 2 memorable yellow lights there with a metal lever and wheels - another funky addition. Apart from that, the rest of the walls had piled thai products organized in sections inside wooden shelves.
As Mon Cheri predicted there was a wall with the king portrait, like in any typical Thai restaurant.

Bolan Thai - Interior Vibe


It felt warm and comfortable inside with plenty of younger couples adding to the vibe. 
We had two of their Bolan Signature Dishes - Pad Thai and Khao Soi Gai, both in mild level of spice intensity.

Bolan Thai - Appearance

The Bolan Pad Thai included stir-fried glass noodles with chicken and shrimp, egg, tofu, garlic, onion and beansprouts. This mountain of noodles was presented in a unique manner - it came with homemade gingery, garlic tamarind sauce, wrapped in an egg crepe and topped with ground peanut. Although we enjoyed this dish greatly, we found a bit more veggies would’ve helped lighten this predominantly noodle-based dish.

Bolan Thai - Main Signature Dishes

The Khao Soi Gai came in plenty of golden curry, coconut filled bowl, almost appearing like a soup. Topped with fresh scallions, lime and a bit of chilli, this dish has a lot of flavour and substance to offer. Fishing out the egg noodles and tender chicken slices was a bit of a task, and, to be perfectly honest, we would have liked for there to be a bit less sauce, so we don’t leave half of the coconut curry pooling in the bowl.

We noticed chopsticks were not a common way for people to eat here. They were not part of the cutely bundle on the side and that is not because we didn’t look from that part of the world, we noticed no one around had them.

Bolan Thai - Ice Cream Dessert


With a very affordable price point, we found the dishes were rather gourmet in presentation and flavours, of course the chic space added to the feel of a great value offered here.

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