Secret Pizza Las Vegas

Secret Pizza Las Vegas

We absolutely had to try their Secret Pizza. Well…first we had to try to find it. Let’s just say it is in the Cosmopolitan, part of the pleasure is finding it, plus there are lots of somewhat conflicting directions online.

Not sure what we expected, but Secret Pizza surprised us. It was a small entrance and lack of signage made our hunt more challenging. The best part was entering a long hallway of walls filled with old record covers. It was definitively low-key up to the point of appearing intentionally rundown. That shabbiness added a charm component though. After all the glitzy restaurants on The Strip and really dingy options just off it, Secret Pizza was hitting the middle ground. It was hip and filled with young folks marvelling at the currency wall - world money with hand-written notes covering the whole wall. Besides that, there was an arcade machine in the corner further crowding the already limited space. One wall had a printed mural of a black & white photo under which were a few marble slabs - an attempt to bring in some luxury.

We lined up along the long glass (cafeteria-like) displays, lined up by pre-sliced pizzas. We ended up with two slices, about $5 each. The price changed based on the amount of toppings on there. One of our slices was a “white” pizza - with mozzarella, a bit of herbs and a white base sauce - it was simple and just right. Our second one choice was with a spicy salami, peppers and a base tomato sauce - we were too impressed by our second choice. Overall, service was prompt and friendly. Despite the hectic environment with constant flow of people, guys at the counter were smiling and uplifting.

Instead of eating inside, we went to sit just by the entrance on the fancily curved chairs. It seemed somewhat odd to eat from paper plates in the luxury surroundings of Cosmopolitan, but we were not the only ones – more people were eating there than inside the pizzeria.

If we were to try dissecting the success components here to determine what contributes to Secret Pizza’s popularity, the “secret” part will play a significant role. While the pizza was good and reasonably priced (even cheap by The Strip’s standards), we did not find it to be outstanding. For those interested in coming here, just make sure you get sufficiently lost wandering the corridors for a bit prior to finding the restaurant, it will feel like you found an oasis after a long day in the desert.

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