MTO Cafe

We were looking for something healthy, wholesome, but with a tinge of authenticity in Las Vegas and our Uber driver highly recommended MTO Café Las Vegas.

Our plans for the morning included the Mob Museum nearby and we wanted to check out the Smith Center as well as Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health so MTO's location worked out perfectly for us.


The hip setting reinforced by bright accent colours from the urban art on the walls, as well as the simple, trendy logo and friendly staff kicked our morning off on a great note. So great in fact, that we went against our original idea of having a healthy meal and ordered, as per our driver's recommendation, Chicken in a Waffle (subbing gravy for fruit to limit the damage to our waistlines). Yoga Pants Omelette was the second choice accompanied by their bottomless coffee and an MTO Juice. Waiting for our food, we started noticing other interesting elements about this café. It is situated on a quieter street so the oversized windows do not create awkward moments which would have been inevitable if there were crowds of people passing by. These large windows did make the place bright and lively. Furthermore, the tall ceiling and raw walls finish created acoustic hum which was energizing on its own. Families with kids and young couples occupied all the tables – it was a busy morning.


Our food took ten or so minutes to arrive. The two waffles sandwiching a fried chicken with some creamy gravy was a very unique experience for us. Sweet with a hint of cinnamon, nutmeg and almost something a bit spicy like ginger, the dish went wonderfully with a bit of maple syrup and the side of berries. We were pleasantly surprised, chicken and waffle does not normally strike us as something to be done this tastefully. Our Yoga Pants omelette, despite causing some unappetizing associations first (sweaty pants?), turned out to be loaded with diced onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, bell peppers, spinach and cheddar jack cheese. It was fresh and juicy, not oily at all – fitting our definition of a healthy breakfast.

We also had a dark roast coffee served in a bottomless bowl-cup. One last thing was the signature MTO Juice - pineapple, bell pepper, carrot, tomato, ginger lemon apple – there was a smoky taste present for some reason, but well balanced with a zesty flavor and a tad of spice - a great way to kick start your morning


Our friendly tattooed waiter and the many pop-culture (graffiti-inspired) artwork everywhere got along very well with pop rock and some slow 90s classics playing in the background. The atmosphere at MTO did not have any non-fitting pieces; we highly recommend this place for great food and an energizing meal.

PS: a special callout to their bottomless coffee which was outstanding by diners’ standards. In our long roads trips across the states, we almost got to the point of avoiding ordering coffee not to be disappointed. MTO restored our faith in that limitless is not necessarily the same as tasteless.

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