Mr Homes Bakehouse

We heard about Mr. Homes Bakehouse from a few folks even before coming to San Francisco. Even if we did not, passing through Nob Hill we would have probably spotted the long lineup of anxious patrons awaiting their morning bake fix.


With golden letters spelling out Bakehouse, on their window, and plenty of white boxes piled up, it was had not to be intrigued by the appearance. We don't remember seeing Mr. Holes anywhere prominent, other than on each little white box to the side. Perhaps that was enough.

"I got baked in San Francisco" appeared to be a moto here, it had a feature spot on one wall made from glass neon tube lighting. One might definitely get baked if it is hot outside and the lineups do not get shorter in the day heat. Inside there were also various white tiles, long fluorescent lights hanging and a long display highlighted by a magenta colour under. One had to walk up to this counter to check out the morning's options and to order.


Our experience consisted of two runs, first getting California Croissant with sesame and poppy seeds on top plus a Savory Danish with Artichoke and Cheese first and then coming back for the one-and-only Cruffin line. There were a few options to choose our "starter course" from and other varieties looked quite interesting as well. Croissant had a curious combination of ginger and wasabi along with salmon. It was a bit spicy which was perfect to kick off the morning. In addition, the croissant was presented in a generic plastic box, but underneath the pasty we found a soy sauce. We tried with and without drizzling some sauce, which were both worthwhile ways of consuming this pastry. The soy sauce did add a more sushi feel to it though. Our Savory Danish came in a lovely package - a half white half fuschia bag with the motto foil stamped on one side of the bag, and a finger piece-sign on the other side. This symbol, appeared to be their logo. Ma cherie really appreciated these small crafty packaging touches, it helped create that personal touch almost as if the brand was a jewelry company, there was a sence of trendy luxury. Back to the danish, it was on the heavy side - cheese and mildly bitter artichoke were a great combination, but they contributed to an overall a fatty, oily feel. Both pastries were a meal on their own, which so much flavour packed in one that it was enough for a small breakfast.

Our second run was for the actual cruffin which took another twenty or so minutes, since they were being made. The numerous keen foodies lined up at the entrance of the store to patiently wait. Once the cruffins were out, it seemed that service was very slow. Although on our first fun, we really appreciated the chatty boy in a bowtie at the cash, this second time our experience with him was not as pleasant. The bakehouse only gave two cruffins per customer, to ensure this goodness was well spread. In essence, we devoured this item inside the bakery shop. They had a few tall tables and a bunch of one-of-a-kind stools made of back, stacked plastic crate baskets as a base. Our mixed berry cruffin turned out to be a muffin shaped pastry topped with powdered sugar, consisting buttery croissant layers wrapped around a fruit filling. Slowly peeling off the layers of goodness and licking off the jam was a delightful way to consume it. We thought, one cruffin was enough for two of us.


The hype was definitely there. Tons of elements played on it - the interior neon lights, the upbeat staff, stylish paper bags and boxes pastries were presented in. Our experience is so much more than just the taste; Mr. Homes Bakehouse capitalizes on the whole package.

As a closing note, we both agreed later on that between the logo, motto, the actual name of the place (Mr Homes) and the descriptor (Bakehouse), it was hard to remember how to refer back to this place. Definitely left a sweet memory in our minds though.

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