Mo's Grill


From outside, a pink neon-light sign written vertically made it a bit of a challenge of us to spot this joint. We just knew the name of the place - Mo’s which was recommended to us by a great local guide from San Francisco Walking Tours - Harley. The iconic part of the sign was the neon burger graphic right under the curves and written in the same elegant light. Glass facade had a long pink line creating the logo, once again, behind which was the chef grilling away in front of several griddles and even a circular spinning one. We thought that was a unique choice for a front facade (watching the chef in full action) definitely made us think of freshness, but with so much going on inside, we did not find the approach too appetizing.


To our surprise, walking in we did not notice any of the curves despite of what was hinted on by the outside branding. We sat at the high chairs by the counter with numerous condiments gathered in front of us - Dijon mustard, deli Dijon, ketchup, hot sauce, Tabasco, maple syrup imitation, you name it, it was there!

We both went for burgers as the illustrated cows from interior murals and posters approvingly looked at us from their dreamy landscapes. To top it off, we had an old fashioned shake with malt. Why malt? That was our question - the waitress said that the addition will enhances the flavor. She was right, it added almost little caramel pieces to the shake - giving it that definite old fashioned feel. We should note, it is very thick and it came inside a tall, tin cup, accompanied by an empty glass. Pouring it was a mess for us with chunks of ice cream occasionally dropping in with a splash.


Best Burger and California Burger were our choices, to be exact. We enjoyed them with Beatles’ The White Album rolling in the background. Both burgers came open with the condiments on the side. Ma Cheri’s Best Burger, was their standard big house ground 7oz, chuck boiled over “volcanic rock” served on a soft crusty bun. It came with a pile of veggies on the side - lettuce, tomato, onion and pickle which were promptly loaded in and topped with some Dijon. The patty was just as great as recommended to us - juicy and flavourful. In addition, we loved the red onion, which added so much punch to our palettes sweeping away any left-over cold symptoms. As for the pickle, it is a complement which we think all burgers deserve - a salty, sour, juiciness. The California Burger was just like the Best Burger except the patty came with some monetary jack melted over it and half an avocado in the pile of veggies. It gave a nutty richness to the burger, for those of you who want something a bit more unique.

Both burgers were quite the mouth stretch - perhaps since we over-loaded them with all the sides, we both had a hard time consuming these mouth watering meals. Not to mention, neither of us were able to finish them as they they both seemed to be heavy meals - a shame!


In retrospect, we should have given their chicken burgers a try as well. Not in the mood for a shake? They also have a couple of beers and wine by the glass in the menu. Watch out for their daily specials - ribs during the week, and beef brisket on Wednesdays! Either way, we were glad to stumble on this recommended place, but we were sad not to be able finish all of our purchases. Arrive with a big appetite!


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