Mission Beach Cafe


After a long walk from Twin Peaks, we were in a mood for a quick lunch and Mission Beach Cafe was squarely on our route, in addition we were recommended the place through friends.


There was nothing memorable to talk about from the outside - grey awning, simple black sans serif writing - a corner cafe of which were plenty around. There was no resemblance of a beach cafe of any sort. We learned later on that the name originated from the neighborhood rather than the restaurant, as there used to be a creek nearby.


At a bit after 2pm, the place was almost full, but we did not need to wait and were promptly seated on the side of the light and fresh room. We settled in their long-backed chairs which, while somewhat awkward looking at first, were comfortable and elegant (in their own way). We ordered Quiche of the Day, Duck Confit Hash and a local Barney Flats Oatmeal Stout from Boonville. Looking around a bit more, we noticed the industrial-themed artwork tastefully arranged on the walls, as well as the cross-ribbed white ceiling and random red wall.


Do not expect traditional hash browns as part of your Confit Hash. It will instead have plenty of brussel sprouts, butternut squash, cippolini onions, along with two eggs done over easy. Duck jus and mustard sour cream added to the complexity of this dish. The confit meat was not salted for preservation with plenty of fat, like the original purpose of this process. It was not salty at all, but we think it was slow-cooked in water, as it had a pulled, tender and a bit mushy texture. We are used to confit having a crispy texture as well - not the case for this dish. To further add to the saucy mouthfeel, there was an over-easy egg which added to the flavour, but slithy grossed out ma cherie initially as it poured around the meat. We enjoyed the fact that brussel sprouts brought in some pleasant light bitterness, while the butternut squash pieces contributed with a hint of sweetness - an intriguing balance.

We were impressed with the Daily Quiche even more - an inexpensive gem. Cauliflower and artichoke were the seasonable veggies, accompanied by artisanal cheeses was another great touch delivering a kick. The flavours worked perfectly together and the quiche filling was fresh and smooth. We asked for a side of mustard, to accompany the home-baked potato wedges on the side. It was very spicy and perfect for the crispy vegetable texture. To top it all off, a large side of well-seasoned greens was the last fine touch to this dish.


The atmosphere was bustling with plenty of eager young folks everywhere. Upbeat light jazz music was perfect for the setting as well. After taking a mid-day break, the cafe reopens until 11pm. The location, food, friendly staff and trendy vibe makes this place a very much worthwhile spot to return to.

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