We were recommended this place inside the stylish Cosmo Hotel by a few of our co-workers. This turned out to be a solid recommendation


A 3D cow sculpture standing on a podium, greeted all by the entrance, while setting the mood. The surprising part is that the cow was spotted in the wild combination of magenta and white colours. The bold, condensed and clean sans serif wordmark was stamped in the middle of the cow. Its' simplicity was letting the various fun colourfull elements speak for themselves while defining the brand's visual language. We did find it curious that the 3D sculpture was of a very realistic cow, unlike the bold cartoon illustrations all around - more teenage cows (teenage in cow years anyway) in bright colours. There was a full wall with portraits of cattle on little glass squares, creating a curios space separation between the lounge and main dining area.


The interior consisted of white tiled walls, warm yellow bulkheads, black banquettes, medium-dark wooden floors and chairs. The simple and bold palette was ideal to show off the friendly uplifting cattle illustrations all around. In the main dining room that included plenty of wide posters of various cow characters in different scenes - an overall urbanite tone, all painted in bright colours with a strong black line outline. We thought this is a great combination of theming and branding, creating a universe without overdoing it. Cheri did make a point on the fact that we are looking at cute cows, which we will soon consume - a slightly morbid way to see the concept.


We read through the hardcover leather-feel menu, and settled on one of their bamboozled shakes - a banana froster, to be exact. We also picked the Classic and Captain Hook burgers. As we ordered, our waitress asked us if we would like a few extras. We later on learned these were paid add-ons some what curtailing the standard negative option billing.

As we waited for our order, a little metal bucket of sweet paprika BBQ popcorn landed on our table. We are huge popcorn enthusiasts, so this gesture was heart-warming. After about five minutes, we had to get a refill, not sure how happy our waitress was about that. Either way, she acted very professional in her dressy white collar shirt and scarf worn like an ascot - a stylish uniform.


Our bamboozeled shake was indeed bamboozled as it had dark rum in it, in addition to sautéed banana, caramel sauce and hard caramel chunks. It came in a tall glass topped with whipped cream and that sautéed banana chunk. It came with a side of a tall metal glass - 1/3 filled. We liked the fact that the left-over content was not disposed of, but rather was left for us to finish. The glass also came in handy as we tried to remove the heap of whipped cream. Either way, we made quite a mess transferring between cups, but this might have been just our clumsiness.

Our burgers didn't take long to arrive. We had the classic which had a side of fries, while Captain Hook was accompanied by sweet-potato fries (there was an extra charge for that). The Classic burger included lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo, ketchup, and pickles originally. We also added on avocado which made the burger very large and hard to bite. It was a Classic indeed - medium cooked, fresh meat patty, simple toppings - simple joy. The Captain Hook was a unique choice - seared salmon with remoulade sauce, smoked salmon, frisée and picked shallots. It was zesty and tender, while leaving us full at the end. The side of sweet potato fries was a worthwhile addition, adding yet another layer to the palate.


We really enjoyed the hip vibe here - a trendy burger joint with an entertaining brand. The bright colours and fun illustrations left us feeling joyous, the full bellies the also added to that mood. We overheard a nearby conversation - it was of workers at the Cosmo, all in suits of course. It's always reassuring to see locals in a place. They probably wouldn't be there if prices and quality was not right.

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