The Only Cafe

From the outside the cafe speaks of chaos and art. Plenty of mural pieces and their sign - multi-colored, handwritten letters on a back background with smaller dynamic spurs of colour, like fireworks. A retractable wooden garage door adds to the authenticity and probably makes for a great transitional space to their small street patio in the summer months.


Upon entering, a light, sweet smell of propolis was luring us in. There were plenty of reproductions on the muted green walls. So many frames were on there that it was hard to notice the wall colour.

Inside, it was rather dim and pub-like - a long bar with plenty of choice of beers of tap, on one side. The wooden counter and tables work well with the wide range of chairs, which all seem to speak the same language of eclecticism.


The small space transitions near the back, into a second room. That area had a different feel with plenty of natural light and lighter colours. We later on learned that there are actually three places joined together - juice bar, bar and a cafe. Either way, we sat near the back of the pub, by the Wizard of Oz pinball machine glowing in the corner. Our large table had continents drawn on it with Russia divided into regions. It also included a black gamut and checker board drawn on there. In case that was not enough entertainment for us, an additional shelf with stacked boardgames helped suffice any thirst.


Their unique hand illustrated menu was not overly creative with food choices. There was definitely a nice flow to the layout and obvious items were put forward for ease of selection. Illustrations and some funky type were themselves worth a few moments to marvel upon. We were impressed with their selection of smoothies and veggies juices. With flue season in its full throttle, we opted in for a 32oz of Immunity from Everything. Our jar of deep red liquid included beet, kale, carrots, lemon, orange, pineapple and spinach was surprisingly delicious.


It took some time for our food to arrive, but we got plenty of apologies for it. I had Bennie with a Twist on a crepe with salmon. It came with eggs done as requested (poached for me). the crepe was presented folded in a triangle with a few thin slices of salmon two eggs and hollandaise. A side of dark home fries all glued together and a slice of grapefruit also accompanied the crepe. Although visually unappealing the fries were quite yummy, nothing like crispy salty greediness to start your day. The crepe, just like american pancakes had a hint of sweet vanilla in its batter, which we are not big fans of. The salmon lacked in quantity, but was very salty. Lastly the eggs were beautifully done and so was the hollandaise. The folded crepe did not have any contents other than it’s layers folded inside, so half way though the dish, it got a bit plain.

Tory’s Frittata was out second choice. We had a side salad with that and our choice of toast. The frittata came on a hot, little skillet with a small red mitt on the handle, which we found charming. Inside the skillet was an omelet with egg, tomato, spinach, feta and chili. Thank god for the chili to spice things up, as we both thought the dish was rather light in flavour. the side salad was voluminous - Spanish leaves, some shopped cucumbers, a few carrot and option slices with a slide dressing - raspberry vinaigrette. We found the salad rather uninspiring.

We really enjoyed the atmosphere in this place, although our little niece managed to scare some people off with her loud, toddler cries.


We both really appreciated the messy, wild, artistic interior and visual cues, which set the grounds for us to expect anything when it came to the dishes. We were disappointed of how tame our choices were both in presentation and flavour. Mon Cheri notes that this place seems ahead of it’s time - very hipster for an area just starting to be gentrified. Lets hope the artist survived.

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