La Voisine

Not too many places were open at around 1pm right in the middle of Mt. Tremblant Village. La Voisine was and we promptly walked in for a quick bite.


With the suggestive signage, we actually mistook it for a hair salon at first. Besides the large sign, La Voisine was relatively easy to miss - it was well tucked in and with no large frontage. Some light French music was playing in the background, on the radio station, as we walked in. The waitress let us practice our French before switching to English. Decisively low key and unpretentious, the cafe had some charm to it none-the-less. The entire floor was finished in tiles (three different types) giving La Voisine the quick eatery feel. We got menus as well a little promo sheet with local ads for under our plates. The place was filled with locals, despite being on a central street. It appeared that some folks came over during their lunch break, still it uniform.


We ended up ordering a veggie pizza and their specialty burger plus soup of the day to warm up a bit.

Make sure to check out their little black board by the window, with the daily specials. The cream vegetable soup was superb - a little fibrous and a tad spicy. La Voisin Burger had a massive pile of layers including grilled onion, pickled veggies, peppers, relish, bits of bacon, mustard, etc. It turned out to be an enjoyable combination, especially considering the reasonable price charged for it. The pizza, on the other hand, fell short of our expectations. While loaded with cheese and other goodies, it felt bland to our taste - no spices and even the cheese had no character to it. Our friend got the chicken burger with fries and was less than impressed by it - for close to $10, he did not find the meal to be worthwhile.


An interesting detail was on the bar counter - a whole set up of jewelry for purchase. From a narrow angle, it resembled a bazaar with locals were having beer right next to the glittering stuff. The trick with La Voisine seemed to be knowing what is good. Most locals apparently did that and enjoyed their reasonably priced snacks - we saw buckets with fries and poutine on a few tables.


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