Fruitfull Market

Cheri and I have passed by this place a few times, as it is in our new neighborhood. From the outside Fruitful seemed like an organic store with a vegetarian/vegan section, which we expected to be somewhat expensive.


The front was all large windows from the street with a vinyl logo on the glass - a friendly, curvy and elegant wordmark that is. It was written in white, against the colorful background of their local fresh veggie lineup.


Once inside, Fruitful's true and straightforward character came out - concrete floor and ceiling, All electrical and piping exposed, and left as is. A few black walls used as chalkboards added to the character, as well as the unfinished wooden counters with black industrial frames. There was a section with plenty of health foods available to buy (including take-home meals) and, of course, a fridge display with salads and a shelf filled with preserves and books. The friendly cashier was ready to help us as we read through the chalk-written options. We were surprised at their democratic prices for a breakfast bowl $5-7 and oatmeal for $3. Our final choices were their Huevos Rancheros and Smoked Salmon bowl.


While paying, we were distracted by their selection of baked sweets. We decided not to go for them today, even though we were tempted. This will be on our list for the next trip along with their coffees.We took a seat at their high chairs looking out the window. Mind you, that was the only area to sit at. It was a peaceful view - concrete sidewalk with some live greens on our table in the foreground. We were somewhat intrigued by the low volume screemo music, as it was an interesting addition. We suspected it might be coming from their kitchen.


Both bowls arrived in disposable containers and, at the same time, beautifully presented. The Huevos Rancheros Poached Egg bowl came with the promised blue heaven egg prompted on salsa, on a quinoa and black bean bed. We didn't find the promised avocado in this bowl, but enjoyed the dish nonetheless. The egg was medium-easy which once pierced though helped in our consumption of this dish. There was a taste of cumin, paprika and pepper adding a unique spin to the quinoa, bean base. Overall it was a tasty, nutritious meal.

The neighboring bowl was our Smoked Salmon. This bowl's contents filled it with bright summer colours: light yellow, orange, pink and to top it all off - dark purple leafs The base of this dish was roasted celeriac root which added an unforgettable texture, best described as a non-sweet, young pineapple. It also had a smokey smell to it. Topping this strange root was a piece of salmon, roasted julienned veggies and the poached egg. Once again done medium, which they seemed to have guessed without asking as it is Ma Cherie's favourite. This dish was topped with paprika, however, we didn't find traces of the promised mustard cream which we both agreed would have been very adequate.


This charming place felt fresh and upbeat. Their food options were at a reasonable price, although it would have been nice to have a note with regard to ingredients changing based on availability or something of that sort. Nevertheless, we really enjoyed our food and the atmosphere. We both thought it would be great to visit Fruitful in the summer, hopefully they open up a bit of a patio on the street.

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