Odin Cafe + Bar

Odin Cafe + Bar


We first encountered Odin at Savour Toronto Coffee Tour for a very brief stop. The coffee shop is in a newly built condo, but already attracted some attention from locals.

The stylized logo reminded us of the Transformers, although some Nordic motifs could be definitely pinpointed. The café occupies the corner of the building and enjoys two walls of windows with plenty of exposure. There is even a small patio for the summer enjoyment. By the door we noticed a fun use of driftwood with roped glass airplants suspended randomly. Overall, we found plenty of fun artistic angles thought. The most prominent feature was thin pieces of wood suspended from the ceiling which were occasionally interrupted by perpendicular planks to start a new row. This interruption became more and more frequent until the newly formed structure morphed into the gridded bar area creating lovely angles. Light birch was used for this intricate work.

e could not pass the tall concrete counters with their metal mesh bar stools without trying them out. These stools were not the most comfortable, but well soothing the geometric visual language. One more element worth noting was the one-of-a-kind cupboard with angles openings for shelves. We felt very hip and inspired by the atmosphere.

This is an open-concept cafe where one orders at the bar looking at their folded menus, which includes plenty of sandwich, wrap and empanada options. It seems that they are prepared at the long bar which is seen in all it's behind-the-scenes glory upon entering. It is a tad messy, as one might expect a kitchen to be.

We came right at the transition time when the café became a lounge. The two main sitting areas grew dim and louder music started pumping throughout. We settled at the table made from refined plywood tables with light blue chairs and a long communal boxlike-bench, for those who want a more sit down atmosphere.

One of our orders was Buffalo Chicken Wing Empanada which turned out to be zesty, very compact and crusty. Just like chicken wings without any bones with plenty of thick dressing around the meat. We also asked for their Power Cookie which was quite a delight - plenty of nuts, hints of chocolate, dried fruit and chia seeds. The treat was dense and soft. While we will stop short of recommending the enchilada to everyone, the cookie was definitely worthwhile. We had these treats with a couple of teas. Being a sister company of Thor Espresso Bar, we must come back to try Oden's coffee.

But we did not come here for food strictly speaking. Odin has a bit of a mythical sense to it with its curious elements scattered throughout and dominating black and white art on one wall with wolves and swirls made of triangles. It is probably even better to visit as a lounge – there are beers on tap and plenty of harder stuff to choose from.

P.S. It could be interesting to see something more culturally inclined in terms of food here to draw the association with the famed Nordic god even closer.

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