Marado Sushi

Among the probably hundreds of sushi places around Yonge and Steeles area, there was almost nothing special about Marado Sushi from the outside. We were at this plaza by chance and wanted to eat some sushi, so simply walked into this inconspicuous restaurant.


The fairly generic red sign with simple bold white sans serif letters was probably not doing too much to attract new clientele. The inside was more interesting though – oversized tank with fish were greeting us in an otherwise empty prolonged dining hall. Olive Flounder was the visible habitant of these tanks, but some smaller octopuses were hiding in the corner as well. Since there were no other clients at this hour, we were directed to a large private booth. The interior had plenty of beach wood everywhere while the enclosed booths had a short black curtain to enter. Inside were traditional Japanese paper wall separators which gave us a sense of privacy.


Marado’s simple menus with thick embossed covers (floral pattern) and their boat red logo at the front were quite efficient in their primary task and overall easy to read. The page pockets were too shiny and reflective for the pointed light used in the booths, which made them very hard to read. We ended up asking for a Spicy Maki Set (18 pieces in total), Philadelphia Roll and some Edamame. Only a few minutes later rather generous selection of small appetizers arrived along with teas and the still hot edamame bowl. Talking about their dishes - cups and plates were nicely matched and made out of genuine hand-crafted clay.

We found their free appetizers to be of generous size as compared to other Japanese restaurants we recently visited. Glass noodles with plenty of sesame oil and julienned veggies. Swimming in hot sauce, zucchini, celery and green onion. The last one was tofu squares with some green and regular onions – nothing special, but plentiful.

We got our maki set in no time - six pieces of spicy tuna, six of spicy salmon and six spicy California roll. The rolls were made with very fresh fish and unorthodoxly garnished with parsley ,which was a nice touch. There was plenty of content in each roll, lack of which can sometimes can be an issue.

Service was quick with a bell in our booth and our waitress Kim was very friendly on top of which, she read our mind with tea requests.


A quick, fresh and unpretentious Japanese Restaurant with reasonable prices and friendly service. Besides lacking a bit of an edge, there is nothing not to like about Marado Sushi. Live fish would be another interesting adventure here for the next time. We only enjoyed the large aquariums to the extent of providing us with a waterfall-like sound throughout the meal. Another sound surrounding was the somewhat odd music selection, a switch up between upbeat poppy to opera.

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