Mekong River

It was a random walk-in for us. We were in the area and Mekong River sounded like a perfect spot to grab a quick bite. 


Outside signage was on both sides of the building - faded maroon background, with the restaurant name written in common the Zapfino font. It was simple and to the point. A few interior neon signs were seen through the window. The spacious inside had a large opening in the middle of the room. We noticed also three different types of tile throughout and granite-imitation veneer tables. But that's kind of it…there were no memorable details or artwork - nothing hinting at the type of cuisine we were about to try. 


We swiftly got our tea and a sheet to place the order in. Nobody was there to talk to us about the menu. The waiters were fast and efficient, but not too willing to part with their knowledge about the dishes here. So we guided ourselves through the choices. Mekong River is a fusion place so the menu was appropriately divided into sections for Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese. We decided on a Chefs Special Tango Mango with Chicken as well as a Shanghai Noodle Stir Fry. It took under ten minutes for food to arrive. The Mango dish had sour sweet sauce with a hint red pepper flakes floating around. There was plenty of sauce in which julienned slices of carrot, mango and onion floated. The dish was topped with a crispy chicken fillet, which was a bit on the dry side however the sweet and sour sauce all around made up for it. Overall we really enjoyed the dish, it had a light hint of cilantro present throughout. With regard to the Shanghai Noodle Stir Fry, we found it a lot less interesting. Beef was lacking in flavor, or perhaps it was a complimenting sauce That would've made a difference. There were some veggies mixed in with noodles, julienned carrot and sprouts.There was a side of peanuts in the corner as well as a wedge of lime to use at ones' discretion. It was a decent choice, but we are quite certain there was more the chef could do for the dish. In addition, we were surprised by cutlery option at the onset, as no chopsticks were provided until our request. 


We did not like the quality of green tea served, but we it was refilled promptly and at a right temperature which was pleasant. It was good to see that there was a full bar of drinks, if one wants to try pairing their meal with wine or beer. At the end of the day, soft classical music was playing, folks (plenty of folks actually) were quietly eating and seemingly enjoying the food: Mekong Rivers seems to be striking a decent balance for the neighbourhood. It is not opinionated, nor too authentic, just clean and fast. 

PS: washrooms are a bit of a hassle to get to – they are in the main building and one has to grab a key to get there.

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