The Windjammer

Port Stanley is tiny and there are really only a few places to go. If you are not in a mood for a pub fare and looking for something classier – Windjammer Inn is definitely a viable option. We tried to get in for a late dinner, but were too late. No worries, we came back for a breakfast the very next morning.


A historic building from 1854 stood out because of its interesting veranda patio. We were a bit early; the restaurant opens at 9:30 am for clients not staying at the inn. It was a lazy morning - we had comfortable chairs to lounge on for a few minutes and made a friend with a terrier tied by the door.


When we finally settled in and asked for some coffee and orange juice, we got a chance to venture inside for a sneak-peak of this vast historic building. There was plenty of indoor space in small scattered rooms with brightly coloured artwork. The interior felt homey, yet somehow trendy with a vintage twist to it. It could be interesting to stay in there, but it was somewhat more catered towards the older crowd.

Coming back, we ordered Fishers’ Breakfast with local Lake Erie Perch, with home fries substituted for slow roasted tomatoes. This was our second day in Port Stanley and by that time we heard so much about the fish that it was an absolute must for us to try it in one way or another. Our second choice was Fresh Baked Scones & Treats.


First of all, if there is ever an option to have slow roasted tomatoes as a side instead of home fries – do not pass on it. Juicy, chewy and fresh – these veggies tasted like sun-dried variety, but more flavorful. They were a delight on their own and were well accented by the plain omelet topped with fresh chives, on the side. The dish came very organized and sectioned off. The two small fillets of cornmeal crusted Perch were to the side. The meat was very tender, but a bit too oily after the grading and frying. It is always nice to try something local plus it was easily sharable coming in bite-sized slices. The last two sections of the dish were a pile of fruits and Ancient Grains toast. Overall this dish was a great breakfast option - wholesome and diverse. And yes…let’s not forget the basket of baked goodies. Very fresh in the morning, yummy and soft, we spent some time just going through the basket and pulling out new tasty treats - scones, muffins, crumpets.. Ma cherie loved the smell of baking soda. They came with a side of butter and homemade berry preserve, which made them quite filling.


In conclusion, Windjammer is a nice local jewel to enhance your Port Stanley experience. It is authentic, friendly and a bit on the upscale side while not being snobbish.

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