Sunrise House

This was a completely random walk-in for us. We did a bit of due diligence and checked the online reviews for Sunrise House which were mostly positive.


It remained an unveiled mystery to us why this restaurant was called Sunrise House. Our strongest association was the song House of the Rising Sun, but it was probably not it. At any rate, the restaurant is bright green outside and inside which was a surprisingly non-appetizing choice of colour. It felt more like a variety store. Inside was quite crowded with plenty of papers taped to the walls and some random photos of kids kissing. We also found the menu a bit disorienting, while waiting for a few minutes to get our waitress to come and tell us about the current specials tonight. At the end, we just ordered Steamed Chicken Dumpings, Potato Pancakes with vegetables and a Chicken Noodle Soup. Not overly original unfortunately, but we could not get any solid advice from our waitress in terms of what we should try.


Our steamed Chicken Dumplings were not too impressive. We should have probably ordered beef or even pork variety to get more taste of these steamed pockets. The chicken meat made the dish dry and unenthusiastic. A bit of a saving grace - there was the hot soy sauce – definitely use it to your advantage if you can. Vegetarian Pancakes turned out quite oily and also lacking in flavor. They did have an interesting bit of burned flavor in the mix. Once again, spicy soy sauce was on the side to help out. That sauce appeared in a lot of dishes actually: soy base, vinegar flavor, sesame oil, green onion, sesame seeds and plenty of ground chili flakes - not very homogeneous, but flavourful and useful. The chicken soup was hearty, but, plainly put, not interesting. Maybe we should have poured some of that sauce in..


There was only one Korean beer available for selection unfortunately. It would have been great to see a greater selection. As a verdict, Sunrise House was good, probably above average, but we expected more. At the very least, it would have been good to get more assistance in terms of what to choose in order to fully experience the restaurants's dish authenticity.

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