Purple Penguin

Purple Penguin


We stopped at Purple Penguin on our Coffee Tour with Savour Toronto (read our review click here). It was the last destination on our tour so we sat down for a quick meal, being intrigued by the original menu.


At the onset, we noticed plenty of purple (surprise!). The exterior had two hues as well as a bright green one to add some variety and vibrancy. This little place sure got lots of attention in the neighbourhood due to the bold colours, but we wouldn't have though it is a cafe. The circular logo doesn't mention the word cafe, nor does it imply a food or coffee visually. It definitely sticks to representing the words purple and penguin, only.

Inside, there were some purple hues as well, such as the comfy upholstery. Sliced tree trunk tables also captured our attention instantly. Overall, the interior went well with the indie-community central café groove. This café is owner-operated, which we thought was great! We were curious to find out from June (the owner) that Purple Penguin opened about a year ago and holds community-focused events as well as live music (harp) on occasion. Now that must be worthwhile to witness!


Although June (the owner) was busy, she spent a few minutes with us to go over the popular menu items. Purple Penguin prides itself for Apple Fritters. We tried them as part of our food tour. Not being big connoisseurs of this type of sweets, we could not fully appreciate the subtitles of the fried apple dough. With an honest heart, we can state that Purple Penguin apple fritters are way better than Tim Hortons’ ones. Fried Bagels made by Open Oven drew our attention to a much higher degree. The bakery is next door so the Montreal style and wooden fried bagels were super-fresh on the inside, yet nice and crispy on the outside. We tried one of their very flavourful Cinnamon Garlic bagels as a part of our tour.

In addition, we also ordered their Peasant sandwich on Celtic multigrain organic bread. It's contents included sun dried tomatoes, feta cheese, spinach and some homemade caramelized onion. It was reasonably priced and loaded. We though the caramelized onions nicely offset the acidity of tomatoes and feta. We also could not resist trying their pro-biotic frozen yogurt in a cone, like ice-cream. It was very yummy and with less fat than a traditional ice-cream. An experimental treat, we though.


Visit Purple Penguin if you are around. Actually, go out of your way to visit too… June puts her heart into this café, everything is made lovingly and the atmosphere is filled with care and attention. We will likely will be back here at some point to hear the harp live music.

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