Tutti Frutti


We did not specifically seek out Tutti Frutti so this ended up being more or less a random visit as many of our other choices were closed for Canada day.


Their stand up flip board as well as the location helped them get noticed - very much in the middle of it all for Ottawa.

Their wordmark was a well-lit sign, bright in colours, and yet easily forgettable.


The place had a friendly, well-lit interior. Bright colored lights were used throughout the restaurant, as well as funky arrangements on top of the seating separators. The interior was not overly inspiring, but clean and refreshing. To spruce it up, there were brick wall sections, green patterns, fresh fruit photographs and large windows letting ample sunlight through.

We always pay attention to the menus, sort of a business card for the restaurant. Tutti Frutti had a new one - smooth, clean, bright, easy to read, with plenty of dish photos on a photographed background. The menu had a thick unneeded spine (binding-wise) and some silly, yet entertaining, egg characters throughout.

Our choices were not too original - Three Egg Omelet with Smoked Salmon, accompanied with peppers and onions. The second dish was a Panini Crepe stuffed with eggs and smoked ham. To be fair, we asked what they are known for and selected according, in hopes of something interesting. It was great to see that some dishes came on buckwheat crepes, but no other items had that option.


We found the dishes were decent, but expect no glamour with regard to their presentation. The generous portions ended up being somewhat bland. The Panini Crepe had a hint of sweet vanilla, which we are no big fans of, for savory dishes, and it was light on content filling. A Mountain of fruits on the side was a pretty good addition though!

The Three Egg Omelet with Smoked Salmon had a good amount of fish and plenty of green peppers to add interest. It with with a side of home-made fries - soft with a slightly burned scent.


Tutti Frutti is a decent place to visit for a breakfast or lunch if you are very hungry and in search of traditional fare. Don’t go here looking for authenticity – this restaurant can win you over with their solid approach, friendly staff and generous portions instead.

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