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Located inside a historic Dineen Building where, according to Dineen website, W. and F. Dineen Co., a fur clothing maker used to be. The building is also, apparently, one of the oldest ones in Toronto. Too bad there was construction all around and sprawling skyscrapers popping up on every corner thus blocking the full view of this Victorian, marble-clad building. The house is also listed as a Toronto Heritage Property.


Huge windows provided a clear view of the beautiful interior. We walked in through a large patio, a space enjoyed by quite a few people wanting to be part of the outside social scene while enjoying the light breeze and bright sun. We continued inside, pointing out interesting interior details to ourselves. Floors were finished in a colorful patterned tile, somewhat resembling a carpet. We also noticed faded brick all around, black thin columns supporting the tall ceiling, menus on wall mirrors - all indicating decent taste in design while avoiding tackiness which is a trap many busy interiors fall into.


Options for food were scarce to say the least. It was 5pm to be fair, but still... We got a Breakfast Western Bake  - a scone with bacon, egg, onion and cilantro. To put it simply, it was not up to par: light in flavour and did not even have an option to be warmed up.

On the other hand, we had Blonde Bake with chocolate chips and walnut which was a great choice! Crumbly, not too sweet and well-balanced even through we thought it was made earlier in the day and not too fresh by the time we got it.

Teas and coffee appeared to be the speciality here. We got Roasted Almond Decaf Tea which was sweet, but unfortunately besides the overwhelming almond flavor, there were no other interesting tastes or smells. Earl Grey tea was good, but not mind blowing. We decided that we should come back and try out other options.

Seating at one of the circular marble tables, we settled on a elegant milky pink leather bench we really enoyed the vibe. There was even a short second floor mezzanine space which appeared functional with some storage tucked away, and a light we say through the cupboard-like walls. 


Mostly young professionals surrounded us. With PanAm games going on and Dineen being right on Yonge, a lot of tourists were camped out all over to catch up on their social life through free WiFi. It got fairly loud, but the atmosphere was cool and hip. Definitely a great spot for a quick date, a catch up with friends or to grab a coffee on your way elsewhere. We wondered if clients with more progressive beliefs would have had an issue knowing that a fur factory was located in the same building for a long time and gave this coffee house it's name...but then again...this can be overlooked for a good beverage in an interesting setting.

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