Creperie Catherine

We stayed a few minutes away from Creperie Catherine and eyed it everyday for breakfast. On our last day in Mont-Tremblant, we finally made our way in. A large brick house with a narrow porch looked authentic and we were in search of something local to enjoy.


We were a bit confused at first as to where to enter - there were bunch of doors to choose from, one of them leading to the B&B. We finally found the right one and marched in. Inside, we thought the white walls with black furniture were a great backdrop for all the little collections and decorations. We went around the full restaurant - bar area, booths, tables with chairs and finally the sunny back patio. Seating inside could also be a decent option if you are into little sculptures, vintage posters and art everywhere. But it was sunny and warm so our path was straight though.


Our waitress Sandra was nice although a bit rushed. We did get a chance to practice our French as well. She was great at switching and occasionally was not aware which language she spoke. Now thats a skill! A big bike trail is right next to the Creperie so there were a few folks seemingly just jumping off their bikes and coming in for a quick bite. Considering the general heaviness of the dishes available, we wondered how successful would be the subsequent biking or might it result in a nap somewhere down the trail.

Our choices were a Benedictine and Special Catherine - the two crepes on the menu with a start signifying authenticity. The Benedictine consisted of two eggs, melted Swiss cheese, white crab along with black forest ham, and home-made Bechamel sauce. We added their asparagus option, to ensure we are in for the real deal. We found this thick crepe was underwhelming in flavour, but overwhelming in size. We were also disappointed that the asparagus was probably old as it was chewy and stringy. It was somewhat compensated by the generosity of crab meat, which was the most flavourful part of the dish. This is definitely a good dish for sea-food lovers.

Secondly, the Special Catherine consisted of an egg, melted swiss and cheddar cheese, black forest ham, and we opted in for the mushrooms.  This crepe had lots of cheese, but the two type were not flavourful but rather just buttery and heavy. In addition, we though the mushrooms inside were in very large chunks. If you love cheese and are in the mood for some comfort food - definitely a must try.


We saw another intriguing option on the list - chilli cheese waffle. Could be something worthwhile to try. Overall, we found Creperie Catherine not the best choice if you are in search of a healthy breakfast on the way to a hike or a biking trip unless... If it is -30c outside and Mont-Tremblant is covered in snow, then you might as well load up on warm comfort food at Creperie Catherine and be on your way!

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