Au Coin

Au Coin is located inside a historic Hotel Mont-Tremblant originally constructed in 1902 and rebuilt in 1918 following a fire in the village. It was definitely a magnificent old house which caught our attention in an instance as we were passing through.


Besides the glorious building façade, we noticed some more interesting elements putting guests in the right mood to unwind - a natural stone wall from the street to elevate the sunny patio, contrasting black furniture and red umbrellas, a large retractable awning as well as lots of flags everywhere - generally a festive atmosphere all around helped.


Being a self-proclaimed resto-pub, the selection was mostly geared to beer lovers. We asked for Soupe à l'oignon Gratinée, Plateau de Fromages D'ici and Croque Monsieur with Fries. To further enhance the summer ambiance, we got a pitcher of the local Bières Boréal Blanche for $20 - light and citrusy. 

As we waited, a lot of expensive sports cars started rolling down the street - Vipers, Lamborghinis, Corvettes, you name it - we got the full show. We though this luxurious presentation might be for us, but it turns out there is a racetrack nearby and that might have been a day for these exotics to flex their steel muscles. An occasional ripping of a powerful engine roared through the idyllic, otherwise quiet, village setting. 

The dishes were heavy, which we should have probably expected based on what we ordered. We might have overdone it for a warm patio evening in terms of our choices. The soup was salty and a hearty one. Not the best French Onion soup we tried, but appeared to be freshly made and worthwhile overall. The Local Cheese Board needed more of an introduction – we found out that there was goat cheese, double crème, blue, old cheddar with some greens sprinkled on top. There was also a small side of a sweet red jam, flavor-wise it was colored sugar in our opinion. This plate was great but was lacking small condiments to make it a real dish and help one experiment with the flavors a bit more. Also, better alcohol pairing would have been beneficial. The Boréal Blanche is great to sip as cold water, as it is quite weak in character. For the Croque Monsieur, we were not too happy about the fries mostly. Potatoes were raw in the middle and overly greasy. There was also a tiny side of salad in a paper cup - cabbage and carrots with no dressing. It did not quite offset the fried/oily galore on the plate. As for the croque itself, the Swiss cheese taste wrestled with the other components and apparently won the battle for taste. Ham was also there, but as a sidekick. Overall it was very bread and a tad too soft and gooey in texture. As if we did not get enough, we also got a Poutine for the table. A bit salty, but all the indigents appeared to be in right proportions. 


As a side comment, service was a bit rushed and one of the dishes was prematurely taken away from us, but maybe that was for the best.

We would say come here for a beer with traditional pub fare if you are into this kind of food. The setting is gorgeous, patio has a nice view with a breeze, plus prices are reasonable. We are thinking a winter trip here for their hearty dishes would be a good call. Beer and light snacks in the summer.

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