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Zoe has a huge branded wall art (black and white, somewhat conservative) visible when going westwards on King. A sidewalk patio is also quite noticeable so we wanted to pay a visit for lunch for sometime now.


An overbearing large black awning with white wordmark protruded from an older brick building. We quickly noted the vast interior space with a take out / cafe area near the front, but opted out for a side patio facing the recently opened Wilbur.


The over-sized and packed with information menu came pretty quick. Our area of interest was gourmet sandwiches which came with a side of salad, but there were some unique Hot Plate items as well: po'boys, tacos, pad tai and so on. To top off the selection, the market salad and wraps looked enticing.


We ended up ordering Tuna Melt and Turkey Avocado sandwiches. Looking around some more, the patio was quite comfortable for a busy King Street West environment. It was long, with a healthy choice of sun or shade. The halved umbrellas on one side and some hanging flower pots over our heads created some interesting visual clues. The patio had aluminum chairs and wood imitation tables. It was relatively empty compared to the interior of Wilbur - packed on a sunny day. We were in a bit of a time-crunch so inquired on  our dishes. Our waitress came by shortly and told us that the special grilling process for the Tuna mMelt did slow down our order, but everything should arrive shortly.


The Tuna Melt was served on marble sour dough with plenty of melted cheddar, tuna mixed with some green onion and dill. Worth the wait if you are in for something on the heavy side. We picked a side of their greek salad - a good addition for this flavourful dish.

Smoked Turkey with Avocado was the opposite of compact, on the other hand. It came with a much needed toothpick to keep the halves in tact. There was plenty of shaved meat. We found it lacking in taste, a bit. The promised avocado, julienne roasted peppers, and a bit of citrus aioli on a ten grain bread, accented the dish nicely. We picked a side of Cesar salad on the side. This dish was definitely a decent choice - a generous portion of a somewhat lighter fare.


Zoe's is a unique spot that seems to be lacking in attracting a crowd. It has been somewhat of a staple on the rapidly changing King Street West strip around Portland. It claims to be a bakery, but that only comes through due to the tagline.

Note that Zoe's is quite popular for brunch on the weekends.  Also their selection of soups is usually worthwhile to consider.

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