Tommy's Restaurant

We stopped for a quick late night beer and snack. Tommy’s has been a staple for the area even with Boston Pizza opening right next door. We were hoping for a truly local experience and got plenty of it.


There were lots of young folks inside, some hip-hop music and social seating. The walls were lined with Harley posters, old Coke ads and other vintage signs. We couldn't resist their pierogi special for $.40 each with bacon, caramelized onion some garlic to share for two. Their beer was cheap and there is a large selection of Mimosas and Caesars at $4-6.

Grabbing our Guinness, we walked past the humming booth tables on a vintage checkered floor towards the foosball table to practice our shots. No coins needed! Great way to spend a few minutes while your food is getting ready and to compare how much worse your game can get after a beer or two. The table also had exceptionally convenient beer holders on the sides. There were also a few other board games for those who rather sit at their table and relax. Our pierogi were great for the price, but there was also an impressive poutine selection which might have been a more interesting choice.


Leaving and looking back at the bright neon-lit pub, we thought that it could have been mistaken for a strip club at night. Tommy’s is a great spot to relax and feel at home – lots of locals go and seem to enjoy the atmosphere immensely. 

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