Loaded Pierogi



Loaded Pierogi is tucked away along Church street, right across from Timmies and not obviously noticeable at first sight. I stopped by for a quick workweek bite and was pleasantly surprised to find a well designed and not crowded eatery with friendly staff. As a matter of fact it was a bit on the empty side, so the wooden, chalkboards interior with incandescent lights got the attention it deserves, however the lonely occupied table was a tad sad. I was surprised, considering the food was quite good.

I ordered onion pierogis with cheese. There was an option of having them boiled, steamed or fried, based on how much one wants to indulge. They were on special, and if I was to add a pint - only $10 in total. Without the beer it was closer to $8, still a decent deal for a nicely made hearty meal. My steamed potato pierogis came loaded with caramelized onions, melted cheddar and some green onions on top. I skipped the sour cream, which I never really feel like. This slow cooked, dish was meant to be enjoyed slowly as well, it was heavy and hot to chug it like a sandwich. The quietness and dim lights of Loaded Pierogi made it perfect for a casual lunch and a catch up with a friend. The slow pace of eating contributed to the experience in a positive way, especially in the busy downtown core.


They are open until 10pm daily, so the next step for us is to visit it for dinner or a late night snack - try out different varieties, maybe with the advertised vodka flight - Eastern Europe galore!

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