Grist Mill Restaurant

On our way to NYC, there was a surprisingly small number of options for us to stop for a quick lunch. Grist Mill came up in our searches and we found it to be quite a decent option for traditional diner fare. It is definitely a "jump-off-the-highway-then-get-back-to-driving" joint with an oversized parking lot.


We also noticed a large Canadian flag next to a US one waiving above the otherwise barely noticeable building. We felt quite welcome after an hour investigation at the boarder before that.

There was a line of people outside for the ice-cream parlour, but we were in no mood for that.

The interior had beige walls (one side faced with stones) and red seating - booths and bar stools. The brown tiles dominated the interior and we thought they brought the place down a notch for us, made us feel less welcome.


The menu was made as a collage with plenty of pixelated art - whoever did it probably didn't have the experience but had fun.

We went for Mill Philly - their version of Philly Cheese Shaved Steak and a Cajun Twister wrap. One came with a side of “chips” (not fries) and the other with tortilla chips. Negative on alcohol, unfortunately.

The Philly Steak came on a hoagie roll, with onions, peppers, and melted cheese. The bun was soft and the steak was great - we really expected fatty, firm chucks of steak but were impressed by the tender, juicy strips we got. This sandwich was loaded and very flavourful. It kept us full for the rest of the long drive to NYC. On the other hand, the Cajun Wrap we found much less interesting. It had chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, onion, cheddar cheese wrapped in a flour tortilla and served with a side of sour cream salsa and tortilla chips. There was a bit too much much tortilla wrap and so the wrap felt empty. We were prepared for a kick due to the “cajon” part, but spiciness was really not there and nor was the flavour. This bland choice was disappointing. As a quick appetizer we got a cup from one of their daily soups - bean and ham. We doubted if it was actually made there, it was very salty and came with generous ham chunks.

Overall we though this small town diner had good prices, friendly staff and decent dishes.

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