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We were just about to go to the Perfect Pint on 45th and 3rd, but noticed Bierhaus across the street…German vs Irish. We decided for to go for German and did not regret it!


Every restaurant would like to stand out in NYC. Bierhaus is no exception, we noticed their balcony / patio from afar. We also noticed that it was empty. It was a rainy day, but we still went directly to that patio to enjoy the city hum below us. The exterior of Bierhaus is themed accordingly to its ethnic alignment - we noticed Alsatian design elements, like the half-timbered finish, mixed with some Bavarian notes, such as the roof pitch. The woodwork written in Fraktur blackletter blended with the theme effortlessly. The part that stood out was the brand Hobrau Munchen in blue serif font - as a matter of fact, we through that is the name of the restaurant.

We both though the facade of the building is a bit of a dog's breakfast, as Briefhaus is right above Wendies and Dunkin' Donuts. These two brands added an overload of information, shapes and colours.


We entered though the wooden door on the left with deer horns hanging up above us. A steep climb up took us inside a large hall filled with communal tables, TVs showing the soccer game and abundant light from the large skylights above. It was surprisingly empty on this Saturday afternoon. We were promptly greeted and escorted to the balcony, as per our wish. It was a long patio with the chairs facing outwards, so we got to enjoy the animated streets of New York City. There was also a TV close to us, in case we still wanted to catch a glimpse of the game.


Katie, our waitress, ran us through the menu and did a quick introduction about their seasonal beer (which we were not very interested in). We ended up asking for a Hofbräu Premium Lager and a Hofbrau Dunkel. To accompany these biers - a Bier Haute Omelette, Traditional Pretzel and a Bavarian Cheese Platter were requested.


The sour dough pretzel was apparently imported from Bavaria and came with a choice of sweet or spicy mustard on a side, we somehow got both of them. The dough itself was aromatic and slightly cracking on the side. It came with plenty of salt crystals, we actually had to pick most of them off. We found the spicy mustard quite tart, the sweet option appeared a better choice for the salty pretzel. As far as omelette goes, the dish was loaded with cheddar, sauerkraut, mushrooms and topped with jaeger sauce. All this goodness was served dense on a salty potato patty. A very hearty dish - perhaps a bit too heavy for a breakfast. Now, about the cheese plate - it came on a wooden board with a centrepiece of some goat cheese over a bed of fresh greens, with sliced apples and walnuts on top. Around this messy centre piece were 3 chunks of cheese and a ball of beer cheese spread. The beer cheese spread tasted like ricotta with herbs and spices - a good complement for the Lager. We though the others were - an emmental swiss cheese, mild gouda and a drier goat cheese. The platter also had sliced corn bread and a side of raspberry vinigarette, which we could not quite figure out the best use for. Cheri was not too impressed with his Dunkel the malt flavour and caramel undertones where there but he was in the mood for a stout, so this dark lager came short of the smoother texture and deeper flavour he expected.


The unlimited champagne 12-3pm deal sounded interesting...we had to bike so getting smashed at brunch did not fit in our plans unfortunately. Overall. as much as this tourist-oriented area of NYC goes, Bierhaus had authenticity to it. We enjoyed it very much and, if you have no aversion to German foods, would recommend a visit.

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