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Living nearby, we have walked by Local Public Eatery many times. Origin Restaurant used to be occupying this large garage space not too long ago.


Our attention was drawn to the rustic chains and hooks attached to the patio fence. In a different setting, these could have passed for a meat factory processing equipment, although a bit unsanitary... In Liberty Village, these gizmos are more likely to be there for bicyclists' convenience. At any rate, the patio was almost full even though it was only +5 outside. The interior section was packed and on a waiting list, so we decided to join the brave crowd on the communal benches outside, welcoming the first sun-rays of spring.


Throughout, we noticed plenty of metal dimensional signs and some with incandescent light bulbs. The patio itself, was spacious, consuming a good chunk of the parking lot. The menus were simple, printed on brown paper and functional. A Toronto map with various unique landmarks was on the back side - something to ponder upon while you are waiting for your meal and beers.  

We asked the waitress to better explain their Rotation Taps option - the freshest kegs from seven categories - lager, wheat, mild ale, American ale, India Pale Ale, something dark and something seasonal. Unfortunately we learned about this option when we already ordered had beers in hand - a Guinness and a Steamwhistle (both on tap). We got a taste of Nickel Brook Cause and Effect (a touch too floral and aromatic) and a Shock Top (light and watery, but not what we were looking for our food choices).


Fish Tacos were highly recommended, but we ended up with the Local Burger - cheese and jack cheese, hot sauce, pickles jalapeño, onions. It came on a large bun cover with poppy and sesame seeds. We also had their House-Made Organic Veggie Burger - brown rice, arugula, almond and melted Swiss cheese. Veggie burger came cut in half and stabbed with a few sticks, to help consume it. Both were excellent choices loaded with interesting ingredients. Should note, we both tough it was a missed opportunity that the fries came with a side of simple ketchup. 


A bit on a pricier side, a great place to bring your friends over for a genuine pub fare with a twist and good selection of beers on tap. Now we need to go back and get a seat inside to experience the interior - with repurposed city lights, it is one-of-a-kind.

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