Ee Sushi

Ee Sushi is listed as one of the top places to eat sushi in Oakville downtown. It was surprisingly quiet on Sunday around lunch hour in the area -  the time we decided to check it out for a quick bite.


Walking in, first thing we noticed was the hand-carved, wooden stair railing leading upstairs. With prolonged, continuous, organic shapes, it left a strong impression on both of us. We both were a bit distracted for a few moments as we entered the open two story restaurant, with a trendy bar on the lower floor and a mezzanine-like second floor. We followed, as the waitress invited us for the second time, to come upstairs. The rest of the interior was actually nothing to write home about. In fact, their fake crystal chandeliers seemed off, aesthetically.


Their a-la-carte menus looked uninspired, but did the job. We ordered Yaki Udon, a Bento Box Lunch and Edamame to start. While we waited, the sound system played some new age rock. A bit disconnected for the space, but Ee Sushi was filling up with more people who did not appear to mind.

Yaki Udon had a slight burned grill smell and a bit of bland broth in the bottom. We didn't find it very flavorful, but the sesame seeds on top were a nice addition to the pile of noodles, veggies and chicken. Plus the portion was generous, considering the affordable price. For the Bento, we asked them to replace the Californian Roll for Spicy Salmon instead which was accommodated for an extra dollar. The salmon teriyaki part of the bento was surprisingly dry, and again lacking in flavor.  The Spicy Salmon roll was actually the best part of the dish - fresh, tender with a creamy sauce.

The people coming in all went for their All You Can Eat menu. We will learn from them next time we come. Overall our dishes were nothing memorable, but no doubt an honest meal for a good price.

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