Farmer's Daughter

On our trip up to Huntsville we decided to try this local shop out for lunch - no better way to submerge into the locale.


From the outside - a short building with a large sign to help it stand taller and get more attention. There were hardly any advertisements about the eatery, just a "meals to-go" call-out below.


We entered through a local, gourmet food store. The prices reflected the selection - highly exclusive and organic for the most part. The perks were all the little stands with products to taste - chips, dipping sauce, cheeses, etc on the sides. There were hanging signs of refurbished wood, oddly enough just with a taped sheet of paper for posted notices. Definitely a missed opportunity to further enhance the mood.

Half of the space was an open cafe area with aged wood tables in the middle and counters on all three sides around. We found it quite disorienting and overwhelming at first. We only saw a Weekend Brunch (8-12pm) menu on the tables. The rest of the many options were on the scattered chalkboards, stickers and notes. The staff was not particularly happy to explain or chat, as the process seemed very obvious to them and the notices everywhere appeared ample to educate oneself.


The options were vast - plenty of pastries, cakes, sandwiches, grilled cheese, bagels, salads and some soups and stews. After picking out what we wanted to indulge in, we had to understand where to order. Dine in orders were done on one side, while the payment was on the other - close to where take-out was. Unfortunately, the walkway by the counters was very close to the tables in the middle, so sneaking by as we made up our mind made people a tad annoyed.

The stew with cheese and side of chips was on special. I picked their Ratatouille one. Cheri went for their Chicken Brie Sandwich, asked to have it grilled and with a side of a salad. We also grabbed a tea and a coffee, as they didn't have their LLBO. We though it could be great to sample some local beer though. I should note they had a great selection of warm coffee drinks. As we paid, we didn't mind spending a bit over $2 for a cup a tea, but after we saw the generic tea bag from T&T we didn't feel the same way.


We found a spot and realized we are surrounded by families and elderly couples. We had our warm drinks, waited for our orders and listened to their upbeat oldies.

My strew made it's way first. It had plenty of herbs, chunks of eggplant, tomato, zucchini, onions, peppers. A tad spicy, with some graded cheddar on top, it was perfect. It also came with chips. A great option at a reasonable price. Cheri's Chicken Brie Sandwich was grilled with the kale leaf in it. The leaf had its edges bunt and was saggy. Inside the marble bread sandwich there was plenty of brie and some mushy cranberries. We were not too impressed with it. It also came with a side of lentil salad which had chunks of butternut squash and raw zucchini - not bad.


On our way out, we went though the isles - plenty if unique products, at a unique price (of course). Also, we noticed there is another 1/3 of the store with HomeSense-like ornaments and furniture, currently closed. It didn't look winterized but had some interesting wooden furniture inside.

Overall, Farmer's Daughter left us with a warm, homey feel and full bellies.

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