Easy Restaurant


We went to Easy Restaurant on late Sunday morning. The section of Queen Street parking adjacent is actually free until 1pm on Sundays which was a sweet surprise for us. Bright yellow lettering and lots of activity inside is difficult not to notice on this tranquil stretch of Queen.


Easy Restaurant has been there since 1999 and appears to be quite proud of it. Indeed, the Roncesvalles area went through (arguably still not finished) a massive transformation over the last few years. This joint probably saw it all with an ever-changing clientele. At any rate, Easy Restaurant is keeping true to its roots in spite of what happens around it. The aged wood look dominated the interior along with old movie posters adoring the walls. We also noticed a collection of rotary phones by the kitchen and a somewhat random car hood on the wall (might have missed something here with regard to its significance).


We were welcomed by a Mustang decal on a glass door with a large message of only accepting cash and debit. All the writing is in a black font with a thick yellow stroke - Easy Rider movie tribute. A pleasant waitress got us all settled in a cozy corner by the door. The restaurant was full, but no waiting line.


We asked for their Classic Smoothie (strawberry, banana and OJ), West Coast Toast, and a Mexican Rider along with a bottomless coffee. Glancing around, we noticed that local beers appear to be in vogue here. On the other hand, looking at the menu, the wine selection was from Cote de Rhone…not so local. The menu proclaimed that local maple syrup and free-range Mennonite farm eggs were used.


The West Coast Toast was made of two pouched eggs, smoked salmon, red onion on English muffins with hollandaise sauce, dill and black caviar (the latter was more decoration than adding to taste). This dish was a very nice variation of a traditional benedict: originally constructed and with a twist. Our Mexican Rider came in a form of scrambled eggs with grilled chorizo and fresh jalapeño peppers on a soft corn tortilla. The dish also had some red salsa, sour cream and toasted baguette. It turned out to be too spicy for our taste (with fresh jalapeños), but a solid guarantee to wake up anyone ordering it. Their Original Smoothie was quite a good deal, a large cup of refreshing fruits was a decent idea for the spicy meal. Both dishes were served with a side of home made red skin fries or plain fresh leaf salad or a bit of both.


We were somewhat disappointed by the lack of tea selection and a bland (although bottomless) coffee, but that normally is the case with traditional diners. Easy Rider is easy to recommend for a late breakfast on the edge of Parkdale. We need to venture in the area more often to discover other spots like that.

ps Easy Rider also went through a bit of an expansion. There is a King St. side area open weekends 11-3, plus a whole new location on College.

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