Wagamama Pastries and Cafe


Wagamama is a warm spot we keep on passing by in our morning walk to work.


On the door a note greets us stating: "No cash left on premises." There is no doubt that his neighborhood cafe has seen a lot of change for the 15 years it has been in the area.

Inside, dark red and beige walls warmed us as we entered. We ordered at the counter to a sweet lady with an Irish accent. She didn't get to the next customer until our order was complete. I must note, they have an excessive tea list. I went for their cold & flu tea, as I was feeling a bit under the weather. Cheri has their dark roast coffee. I quite liked its bitter taste. We took a seat at their old-style wooden chairs with our drinks. We had some of their home-made pastries - a croissant, cheese biscuit and carrot muffin. We did see another muffin flavor fogging up the glass, so there was no doubt about the freshness. We enjoyed all, but especially recommend their cheese biscuits. They also had a sandwich selection which we would love to try next time.

Chatting with the lady on the way out, we learned that the owners of this place are Japanese, the lady passed away but her husband is still in charge. Wagamama is actually a Japanese word for self-indulgence. That explains the little symbol above their glyphic serif logo.


This place with traces of age definitely left a warm impression in our minds - a great refuge spot for anyone passing by on a dark, winter morning.

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