Woodsby's Countryside Café


After our Bogey Creek Airboat tour we asked their staff to recommend us a local restaurant in Kissimmee. Woodsby's Cafe Diner was the agreed choice.


We actually almost drove past the restaurant. It is on a very bland plaza off the main street. Cream color siding, a few cluttered windows alone along flat wall, nothing standing out besides the road sign under a larger Tattoo advert for their plaza neighbor.


Inside, it really felt like a mom and pop cottage house. Wooden furniture, outdoor murals, some fishing gear, a collection of roosters, cups etc. We were warmly welcomed by a lady appearing to be an owner and invited to a booth.


Their menu cover is perhaps the inspiration of this restaurant - a wooden house in the outdoors. Inside the menu, the local feel was obvious - plenty of small ad inserts.

No liquor in this diner, I think even asking might have offended our waitress. Cheri decided to check the type of teas they have as it was a chilly day. The answer came with an subtle “duh” to it - sweet or not sweet. That kind of threw us off - hot tea was clearly not a common order here. We played along and asked for their tea half sweet (iced tea of course).


We got a small house salad to share, which was a simple cobb - lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, carrot, eggs, cheddar, crumbled bacon, croutons.

As a true American diner, all dishes came with a generous amount of fries on the side (a given, not even a choice). We had their Grilled Tuna Melt on rye bread with a side of extra pickle. The creamy tuna mix came with grilled onion as something a tad sweet. It was a healthy amount of filling - it even started falling off.

We also had their Grilled Chicken Brest. The chicken came with some cajun seasoning, but it was a plain sandwich just chicken between two prices of bread with a side of lettuce, tomato, a bag of mayo and plenty of fries.


We decided to try their pies, which our waitress said were made daily (pumpkin and apple). Both were served cold and were surprisingly plain. We really expected fresher and warmer to end out meal.

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