Napoleon House

A place loaded with history. Not only you should come here for the most authentic Pims' Cup

cocktail, but you can also learn that this house was actually meant for Napoleon as a permanent place to stay in the New World. Of course, he never made it off Saint Helena, but it could be quite a story if he did move to US... Folks in New Orleans hold on to their history, this place has tons of it to offer.


The house looks very rustic from the outside. It appears even a bit dirty, to be honest. Especially when compared to nearby buildings in pristine condition. Walking inside, we were faced with a lively, yet dim environment. Luckily (actually surprisingly too) it was not overly busy. We sat in a private corner by a very heavily autographed wall. A few rooms, as well as a courtyard area are all part of the dining areas available.


Photos on the wall were dedicated to long serving waiting staff of this establishment. We sat right next to a plak for a gentleman who spent over 35 years working for the Napoleon House and retired back in 1990s. There was traditional classical music in the background - prominent and powerful at times.


We knew what we wanted walking in: jambalaya, gumbo, po'boys as well as Pimm's Cup #1 for a drink. The waiter offered to top this up with some Sazerac which we agreed to. It is a busy spot, staff was very much down to business. Fast and effective, although maybe a bit less talkative than we would have preferred at that time. Our drinks arrived in a few minutes


Pimm's Cup #1 was a mix of gun liquor lemonade, lemon soda, cucumber garnish as well as the actual gin-based Pimm's #1. Sazerac is based on cognac, absent, bitters and orange peel. Both drinks are a great addition to your meal or night out. The Jambalaya Entree was composed of three rice balls with plenty of meat chunks. Spicy as expected, part of the holy trinity (bell pepper, celery and onion) - quintessential New Orleans' components. The Poor Boy Italian Sub was also loaded with onion, green peppers and house dressing plus a side of veggies (lettuce and cucumber). The sandwich is only available on white bread and worth every bite. As far as our Seafood Gumbo went, it was a well balanced spicy soup with roux, tomato sauce and okra. Shrimp, crab with a load of plain rice dropped in the middle of it (not cooked together) just as we were told is should be. The rice was less mushy as a result which made the experience quite a lot more enjoyable.


Despite being located in a very touristy area of French Quarters, Napoleon House is a great place to visit for an authentic experience. The food is good, drinks amazing, prices reasonable and staff friendly. They got it all.

p.s. We tried to find Pimm's #1 in our local LCBO to a very limited success initially. Up to the point that we were told that LCBO does not carry it anymore due to low demand. At the same time, we walked into a stash of Pimm's at our local Liberty Village location just a day later. Go figure... Now we are making our own refreshing Pimm's Cups #1.

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