Meals From The Heart Cafe

For healthy takes on New Orleans dishes - Meals From the Heart was recommended by our walking food tour guide.


We decided to sit on springy bar stools right at the food counter in the walkway of the French Market, the weather was great that day. For those claustrophobic, you can grab their food and sit across the walkway at the outdoor tables area.


Meals from the heart cafe is not a place we would have walked in by ourselves. There was a lot of clutter from advertising and photos on the stand facade. Their logo is also a bit odd - a red heart with a fork through it. Looks a bit violent, but we got the message behind it.


The menu had colour coding to help those looking for gluten-free and vegan meal options.

Once we placed our order we were given local satsumas as a snack. This is a seedless citrus fruit - a mix between an orange and a tangerine.


We got their Freshly Squeezed Juice Combo - orange and carrot juice. It was a great combo, adding ginger would have made it even better.

We also tried their Crab Cake Passion and Poached Egg. It came with lots of greens and two sauces on the side. One was a zesty sauce for crab cakes - lemon, garlic, remoulade sauce. Slightly spicy it was perfect for the crabcake.

Oatmeal we ordered was dense and just the right texture. It came with a side of walnuts, raisins, sugar and cream. We also had a side of their Vegan Apple Patty to try. It was unique and spicy.


We enjoyed our breakfast looking at a blue sky background, behind granite countertop. This spot is definitely worth coming back to for lunch. Their Black Bean Soup and Okra Gumbo looked irresistible.

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