Delysees Bakery

Delysees Bakery

We passed by this bakery many times on our way to work. Huge glass windows and interesting white interior, with wall niches - lookes very clean and attractive.

e got there at around 8:15am, and they did not have all the sandwiches out just yet. The only items on display were sweet pastries. At the same time, the smiling lady at the counter promptly got us a wide selection of tiny sandwiches from the kitchen.
We ended up ordering one salmon and one prosciutto sandwich. Also, we got a few sweets - mini apple turnover, almond croissant. and a mini pain de chocolate.

The sandwiches were tiny, but packed with taste! A worthwhile treat. As far as pastries go, they were a perfect balance of not being too sweet, yet very delightful as a desert.

We definitely recommend this bakery for a quick sit down before work or for a small date during the day.

*Note* they also have an impressive arrangement truffles and plenty of macarons.

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