Mildred's Temple Kitchen


Mildred’s Temple Kitchen actually claims it started the brunch trend in Toronto. All the way back in 1989, in a Toronto West End Warehouse District. Just for that it might be worthwhile to check out. Now they moved a large location by the railroad tracks in bustling Liberty Village. The place looks a lot smaller from the outside, it is truly one of the biggest brunch joints we have been in. An interesting mix of a post-industrial space adorned with Victorian style art.

Why a temple? Because one is to worship flavor. That’s what we did by ordering Scones & Biscuits with home-made Peach Jam. The scone was fresh, citrusy with blueberries inside. Biscuit had layers of fresh buttery - croissant like dough. A bit heavy for our taste, but not a bad breakfast choice. The second item we got was Veda's Choice: a Croissant Benedict with salmon. We enjoyed the dish throughout although the croissant (instead of English muffin) was difficult to eat. Some great hollandaise sauce was on there. The benedict was accompanied by a much needed salad on the side. One more thing, the properly poached egg makes it or breaks it for us in terms of enjoying the benedict. All was good here. The dishes are pricier than your regular breakfast fare in Toronto.

There was light music humming in the background and the whole atmosphere a touch chaotic. Sound carried in the vast open space. Plus there was a bachelorette party happening nearby adding to the ambiance. We would have normally preferred a quieter place for our breakfast, although can understand that the energy might help some folks wake up. One last touch, the small tables outside have a tiny patch of artificial grass and gnomes guarding the forks and napkins…kind of neat.

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