Tip & Sip Cafe



A great owner-operated breakfast spot in an otherwise bland strip mall facing a new residential development.

We stopped by on our way to Awenda Provincial Park for a quick brunch for seven on a Saturday. There were no other visitors, so we enjoyed the exclusive attention of well-travelled and talkative owner Toni (Antonio). Of the interesting details we noticed there were postcards under the glass of the tables indicating where the café's visitors came from. Quite a spread actually, most of the world map was covered. Besides that, the interior was clean and functional with almost terrace-like chairs. There was also a patio area, but it seemed to isolated and surrounded by concrete. A good idea but missing the greenery.

Our breakfast was not particularly sophisticated - a classic Western Omelet and a Sweet Club Sandwich. As far as the Omelet went were the oversized ham chunks and generous portion size. It was not burned or undercooked - very enjoyable overall. The salad on the side came with poppy seed dressing and shaved almonds - quite fancy. The sweet club sandwich was filling and yummy. The owners did not shy on ingredients: chicken, bacon, tomatoes were plentiful.

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